It's not every day that one stumbles upon a company that claims to be a "movement company," but Ergotron claims to be just that. Since Harry Sweere created Ergotron in 1982 and secured patents on some of the earliest ergonomic tilt stands, mounting arms, and desk stands, it's been who they've been. His heritage of invention informs how they assist clients in addressing today's home and work furnishing concerns.

Ergotron aspires to be the global leader in transforming how people work, learn, play, and care for one another. They strive to create places that help people thrive by using human-centered design concepts and movement technology.

Their ultimate goal, they claim, is to physically, emotionally, and intellectually move you. WorkFit, CareFit, LearnFit, TRACE, and JV are among their award-winning product families, which incorporate motion into healthcare, academia, the workplace, and the home. Their goods are protected by more than 200 patents and undergo extensive testing to ensure that you receive a high-quality solution that will last. Their unique products aid in the creation of surroundings that enhance creativity, efficiency, and wellbeing.

Two of the company's central beliefs are ergonomics and wellness. Ergonomics is the first step toward staying comfortable while working. It may quickly get complicated, which is why they made it easier for you by providing tools and equipment to help you find your best fit, enjoy the feel-good factor, and take steps toward a better, happier you.

As part of their quality guarantee, all products are put through rigorous testing that exceeds the industry's most stringent quality standards. Customers benefit from long-lasting goods and peace of mind thanks to insight-driven industrial design, optimized ergonomics, and uncompromising quality and safety. Quality control needs are appropriately recorded and monitored, ensuring a thorough examination of manufacturing from start to finish.

Ergotron recognizes that you want a product to perform flawlessly for a long time. For one, they conduct a rigorous test in which height-adjustable goods are subjected to continuous lift/lower action over thousands of cycles to assure the highest confidence level in their designs. Each cycle is the equivalent of moving a lift engine from its lowest to most elevated position and back. When a product survives a 15,000-cycle test, it has been actually pushed 15,000 times up and down! What exactly does this imply? Well, you have a high-quality product that has been rigorously tested in every way possible. For another example, to reach 15,000 cycles with the TRACE Monitor Mount, a user would have to move their display over the arm's total 11" (28 cm) height range three times every day for 15 years. Although this is unlikely, Ergotron always errs on the side of caution.

For this organization, certification is also a principal focus. Ergotron is ISO 9001:2015 certified throughout the company. Ergotron's dedication to using best-practice practices in its operations is demonstrated by this certification. Furthermore, their ISO 13485:2016 certification at their China site attests to a robust quality management system overseeing our healthcare product manufacturing.

Additionally, with components made of solid aluminum and high-quality steel, their goods provide exceptional recycling potential. You can get help from recycling guides. However, the ultimate measure of environmental effort is minimizing future purchases. In this regard, Ergotron excels. When new workers utilize a workstation, computer equipment is upgraded, or a workspace is reconfigured, their flexible products will continue to be helpful. Long-lasting products are more ecologically friendly and have a higher return on investment. Ergotron products may be fixed if necessary, and components are available to make maintenance and service more accessible.

Clearly, this entity is one of those that go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. With an impeccable manufacturing system, a scientific approach to production, you can never go wrong with Ergotron.

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  • Ergotron has a long list of award-winning product lines, demonstrating their unsurpassed excellence.
  • More than 200 patents protect their products. This indicates that they are serious about finding work and home furnishing solutions.
  • Their one-of-a-kind items contribute to the creation of environments that foster creativity, efficiency, and well-being.
  • All products are placed through rigorous testing that exceeds the industry's most stringent quality requirements as part of their quality guarantee.
  • Certification is also a major focus for this firm. Throughout the company, Ergotron is ISO 9001:2015 certified. This certification demonstrates Ergotron's commitment to employing best-practice methods in its operations.
  • You can't go wrong with Ergotron because they have an amazing manufacturing system and a scientific approach to production.
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