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Ergo Desktop is home to the iconic Kangaroo Adjustable Height Desk. Ergo Desktop created the product mentioned to meet the needs of individuals who desire the many health benefits of switching between standing and sitting but don't want to get rid of their current workstations. All of their adjustable height desks fit over your existing desk, so whether you need a stand-up desk or an adjustable height desk, The Kangaroo range of products will surely meet your needs.

The company's final product is a high-quality, made-in-the-USA height-adjustable work desk that has helped many clients enhance their work lives by decreasing or eliminating discomfort from sitting at their computers all day. Customers have stated that utilizing "The Kangaroo" has revolutionized their life, providing them with increased energy at work and boosting their entire work experience. Other consumers use "The Kangaroo adjustable height desk" merely since it is beneficial to their health. Consider this: while you're working, you may enhance your general fitness level and develop your core. Truly, workplace wellness is a concept that is catching on.

Ergo Desktop began with an aching back. The founder's spouse had designed the Kangaroo when Daniel Sharkey, the developer, was suffering from sciatic nerve troubles and couldn't find a viable remedy on the market. Dan was much ahead of his time by switching sitting and standing throughout the workday, and he always felt better standing than sitting. And more and more publications have come out saying, "You know, it's beneficial." The concept soon gained traction in the office. As a result, they began working on several units for his coworkers. Then disaster hit their community. When they lost their employment, they both had to make a decision about what they were going to do next. Out of that circumstantial desperation, Ergo Desktop was born.

Dan and Kathy began their business in a one-car garage, and as the firm evolved, they said they were fortunate enough to be able to build their own building and move in 2013. And they've been growing since then, with their ergonomic desk being one of the things that set them apart from the competition. And not only can they alter the work surface, but they can also adjust the displays. Each Kangaroo Desk is created from the ground up, regardless of the work surface. One person builds it from start to finish, and it's examined several times. It is constructed of anodized aluminum, steel, and high-quality MDF. And what this means is that a product may be of the finest quality while still lasting a long period of time.

Because they are a smaller firm, they are able to produce special orders for standardized applications. It also allows them to provide the same level of attention and quality to larger orders. As a result, their production plant differs significantly from most others. It's a peaceful, clean, and laid-back setting, and they have a fantastic team. Their employees can't say enough positive things about them. Contrary to standard practices, Ergo employees are not required to come in at the same hour every day. Alternatively, they can work 10 hour days and have Friday off to spend with their family. So you can say this entity's human resource management is top-notch.

As a result, a nicer, friendlier, and more inviting environment is created, and employees are more satisfied with their daily lives. Ergo takes tremendous pride in its ability to manufacture all its products in the United States. They can absolutely control the quality, have some of the most excellent raw resources, and have some of the hardest-working employees. Put all these exceptional qualities together, and you've got your company a perfect recipe for manufacturing success. You develop a fantastic product for a fair price in the store. They believe Ergo has a bright future since they continually search for new ways to develop and change. The management envisions the firm expanding its product line and remaining attentive to the demands of its clients.

Ergo Desktop is based in Celina, Ohio. It employs 23 people across all of its sites, generating around $3 million in yearly sales.

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  • They are one of the earliest makers of sit-stand desks.
  • They manufacture all their products in the United States
  • The iconic Kangaroo Adjustable Height Desk is a remarkable solution to promote wellness in the modern workplace.
  • Ergo Desktop is a commendable employer in the industry.
  • Each Kangaroo Desk is created from the ground up. One person builds it from start to finish, and it's examined several times.