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Enza Home is a subsidiary concept brand under the company Yataş that aims to develop new lifestyles with its modern and original approaches. Enza Home transforms life with its items spanning from living rooms to bedrooms, furniture, mattresses, fabrics, and accessories and delivers varied lifestyles to your home.

At Enza Home, different options for different preferences and living solutions meet to provide comfort in its purest form. Enza Home products are backed by the Yataş Group's years of experience, allowing them to exceed all expectations in terms of comfort, quality, durability, elegance, affordability, and beautiful design. Enza Home prioritizes customer satisfaction, too, with its extensive service and repair network, which goes as far as Turkey, and provides consumers with much more than furnishings- exceptional support. Enza Home's global network of concept stores encourages you to explore new worlds. You can check out their products here at Interiorbeat.

By blending quality and aesthetics, they bring the design-within-reach philosophy to life. From accessories to lights and carpets, they provide each item within its own aesthetic identity. Enza furniture is youthful, lively, and modern in its materials, colors, design, and other aspects. Its timeless designs will bring a dynamic vitality to your house for years to come, far beyond just the fleeting initial thrill of a freshly acquired piece of furniture.

They have approximately 2000 different items to choose from, including furnishings, decor, mattresses, storage beds and headboards, beautiful home textiles, cushions, and comforters in their 247 local and foreign locations. Furniture, mattresses, and home textiles are all housed in the same building. Yataş Bedding World is offered at Enza Home, with professional Yataş beds that provide years of uncompromised quality, home textile goods that add elegance to your bedroom design, and box spring variants that serve as an option to the bed frame you pick. The Dream Box Mattresses are among their best-selling products in this category. Pocket Spring technology adapts to various body types and places less strain on your head, shoulders, and spine, providing a unique level of comfort. The Dream Box is a unique concept that offers intelligent answers to modern city life's ever-changing sleeping needs. Dream Box is built of futuristic smart materials that can be effortlessly carried and removed from the packaging, ready for a restful night's sleep.

The Gravity Plus Living Room is one of Enza Home's most intriguing product collections to date. This unique collection, with its modern design lines, provides elegance to the center of your living room with its unique seat cushions, which are created for a faultless delight and offer exceptional comfort, with rich fabric and throw pillowcases that make a distinctive look. Gravity Seating Group redefines comfort with its four-seat-sofa option, which attempts to level up the comfort that we desire in our homes to its utmost degree. Gravity Seating Group accentuates the design elements with high metal foot patterns in two distinct colors while visually complementing its soft and dense texture with numerous types of decorative cushions.

Enza Home's L-shaped sofas are also well-known. These sofa products have grown in popularity in recent times and make excellent centerpieces for modern living spaces. Enza Home understands that arranging furniture in space takes a lot of consideration. Previously, the form and function of a room were balanced independently. There is no longer any reason to think of these as distinct entities. L-shaped couches have the presence as well as the functionality to tie any area together. The Arte Corner Sofa Set by Enza blends comfort and elegance with foot patterns that combine black matt metal and gold color with matching the soft feel. The Arte Set caters to personal interests by offering several combinations of modern throw pillows and fabric applications, distinctive design armchair alternatives, and technology accessory applications.

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  • The materials, colors, style, and other aspects of Enza furniture are youthful, dynamic, and modern. One is sure to find something fresh with this brand.
  • They offer a very wide section of product offerings, with over 2000 different products to choose from. You’re unlikely to run out of options with this brand.
  • Enza Home products have met and exceeded many consumer expectations regarding comfort, quality, durability, elegance, affordability, and stunning design.
  • Enza Home's "design within reach" philosophy has pushed them to offer affordable products with the level of craftsmanship that is usually only seen in upscale brands.