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Since 1964, England Furniture has been creating high-quality upholstered furniture in the tranquil mountains of East Tennessee. Their mission was to employ Appalachia's proud and hardworking people. Today, the firm and legacy they established are still known for providing the best quality and fastest build cycle.

Each piece of furniture that their committed and experienced Tennessee craftsmen and craftswomen produce individually for clients' homes is built to endure a lifetime. England has the most extensive collection of textiles and leathers, with over 500 to pick from and limitless combinations to let buyers design something distinctive and unique for their house. England drew the attention of La-Z-Boy Co. because of its efficient production skills and superior logistics, and it has been operating as an autonomous division since 1995.

England Furniture was featured on The Design Twins' site, and they chose it based on quality and elegance. In their blog, Julie and Jodie talked about how England Furniture has one of the most outstanding furnishing warranties and how essential it is to them that their furniture is created in the United States. They illustrate how to use the Tara Sofa and Singleton Armchairs from England Furniture to make the trendy new d├ęcor trends work on their site. Thanks to its long tapering wood leg, the Tara Sofa has a casual style with a more modern appeal. They believed it was a bold design decision to match this sleek and informal couch with two Singleton Armchairs in the Mara Blue pattern. "The bigger the risk, the greater the chance for gain!" as the adage goes. The Singleton Arm chair's small size is ideal if you don't want the chair to take up too much of your personal space.

The Rosalie couch is also a popular choice among interior designers. This sofa has a lot of character thanks to its lovely curled arms and wooden legs. It has seats that are upholstered on both sides, allowing you to flip them if you want. The embellishments on the Rosalie couches were something that many well-known interior designers loved. Sofas from England Furniture's Rosalie Collection have a classic design with precisely the perfect curves. The fabric selection is awe-inspiring, too. With over 400 options, it allows you to discover the color that best matches your needs. The Benavento Linen, for example, is not only a lovely hue, but it's also "scotch guarded," which means it truly works when it comes to stain resistance. Obviously, anyone searching for a sofa should think about this.

The Holden Twin Sleeper is one of their newest items that deserve a lot of attention. There's nothing a multipurpose sofa like this can't do: stylish sitting during the day and a comfy bed at night. A basic P-shaped arm, a semi-attached welted back cushion, and a small pyramid leg defines the Holden sleeper style. This collection has twin, full, and queen sleepers, each with a regular Visco or air mattress.

England Furniture is proud of its reputation for producing high-quality, long-lasting furniture. The company creates over 350,000 professionally constructed items every year and ensures that every customer demand is met on time. The frame is the most significant component in making furniture that will endure a lifetime in terms of strength and durability. With 14 automated routers, each piece is carved to perfection. England Furniture uses quality plywood reinforced with adequate solid hardwood to maintain structural stability in its frames, arms, couches, and chairs.

People are frequently astonished to learn that a brand like "England Furniture" is 100% American. This furniture manufacturing firm, founded in the 1960s by Charles England and his sons Eugene and Dwight, has stood behind American employees in Appalachia and has increased American production lately. When the creators of England Furniture set out to start a furniture firm in the United States, they sought to generate long-term jobs in the area.

Since then, England Furniture has established itself as a leader in the market, delivering custom furniture in a timely manner. The England Furniture firm has maintained production in the United States because of a patented shipping method and operations management techniques. Each piece created by the craftsman at the England Furniture plants is of high quality. England Furniture has prided itself on retaining critical principles throughout the framing process, quality testing, and delivery.

England Furniture is a very successful company, with a staggering 200 million dollars in annual sales. They employ more than 1600 people across their locations.

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  • England Furniture has been producing high-quality upholstered furniture since 1964. That's a combined total of more than 50 years of experience.
  • They're recognized for producing the highest-quality sofas and recliners in the shortest amount of time.
  • All of their products are made in the United States.
  • Their goods have been shown to last several generations.
  • Many well-known interior designers have picked England Furniture.
  • With over 500 fabrics and leathers to choose from, England Furniture offers the widest range.
  • One of England Furniture's main goals is to give job opportunities for Americans, which they have unquestionably accomplished.