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Elle Décor is one of the undisputed homes of style. It is the definitive decorating and design guide and the go-to resource for everyone who wishes to live a more beautiful life. Whether your taste for interior design is traditional or contemporary—or an eclectic mix of the two—you'll discover ideas and inspiration, the most up-to-date information and materials, and tools to help you design, remodel and entertain in style.

At its roots, the brand Elle is a French-born global women's lifestyle magazine that specializes in fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment. In French, the term Elle means "she" or "her." Hélène Gordon-Lazareff and her husband, novelist Pierre Lazareff, created it in 1945, and since its inception, the magazine's fanbase has steadily increased, reaching 800,000 in France by the 1960s. Elle has subsequently moved outside its borders, establishing a global network of publications and readers. Elle's Japanese edition debuted in 1969, making it the first foreign Elle magazine among many.

Elle Decor magazine, which focuses on home décor, was founded by Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. in 1989. Inspired by French design, stunning pieces are skillfully braided together to create much more than simply a place to sit and work–these striking chairs and desks offer a sophisticated office unlike any other. Durable utility meets simple, streamlined aesthetics in each precisely constructed seat and tabletop.

The Dani 47-inch Writing Desk is one of their current best-sellers. This magnificent product will complete your home office and upscale it. The large desktop holds your computer and other equipment, making it ideal for remote work or school assignments, while the two drawers offer versatile storage space. This writing desk has a built-in cable management scheme to keep clutter to a minimum, and the hardwood legs with metal accents give it a robust base. If this desk isn't to your liking, you can always opt for another of their best-sellers, the Lara Writing Desk, which comes in cool gray and snow white. You can create a sophisticated and minimalist workstation with the Lara writing desk. The durable metal frame ensures long-term quality for regular use, and the cable management keeps your home office clean without muss or trouble. This item has a 42-inch-wide surface that gives plenty of space to work with, and the internal shelf provides simple storage for files.

Today, Elle is perhaps the most prominent fashion magazine globally, with 46 worldwide editions in over 60 countries. This publication has approximately 69 million readers, the majority of them women. Along with the magazine, the Elle brand encompasses 33 websites that reach a global audience of 370 million people each month. Jean-Dominique Bauby, best known for his book, and Roberta Myers, Elle's longest-serving editor-in-chief, have both previously edited the magazine. Nina Garcia is the current editor-in-chief, having taken over when Myers left.

The formal headquarters of Elle is in Paris, with licensed publishers in a variety of different places. Elle was launched in Paris in the immediate aftermath of World War II as a complimentary publication to France-Soir, which was edited at the time by Pierre Lazareff. Elle's pioneering creator, Hélène Gordon-Lazareff, came to Paris from New York City to produce a one-of-a-kind journal that dealt with the myriad factors impacting women's life in France in 1945. When women ultimately gained the right to vote in 1944, Elle jumped directly into long-form "newspaper-like" pieces on women's roles in national politics and the emerging feminist movement.

Not surprisingly, the Hearst Corporation paid Lagardère €651 million in 2011 for the rights to publish what was then a very successful Elle Magazine in fifteen countries, including the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Russia, and Ukraine. As the technology evolved, the magazine struggled in the worldwide market in the 2000s, so the founders kept the rights to the French version and would receive royalties from overseas editions.

Elle is a hugely popular magazine, and its cooperation with Office Depot to create attractive home furnishings was a wise business decision that was warmly appreciated by the market. Start adorning your house and office with Elle Decor goods from Interiorbeat!

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  • Elle Décor is the home of style and the definitive decorating and design guide, extremely capable of providing top-of-the-line concepts and furniture pieces.
  • This interior design journal has been in print for almost 30 years, and its parent firm has been in business for much longer.
  • Whether your tastes are conventional or contemporary—or an eclectic blend of the two—you'll find ideas and inspiration, up-to-date information and resources, and tools to help you design, renovate, and entertain in style.
  • Inspired by French design, unexpected components are expertly woven together to provide much more than just a place to sit and work–these eye-catching seats and desks offer a stylish workspace unlike any other.
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