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The story dates back to 1975. In a plain and simple basement, a few test tube drying racks were made, which received a great deal of acclaim. In response to requests from customers, other science accessories were added to the list of products. Soon, this evolved into something bigger and better, and Diversified Woodcrafts was born. With an expanding product line and an ever-widening portfolio of educational furniture, science laboratory furniture, and casework made from oak and maple hardwood, Diversified Woodcrafts is now the top provider and the market leader in the industry. In case you aren't sure about just how big it is, pay a visit to any school, museum, or library in the United States. Surely you will find tables, bookcases, and workstations manufactured by Diversified Woodcrafts all over the place.

The company is based in Wisconsin, United States, and is now the proud owner of a 100,000 square foot modern manufacturing plant in Krueger Street, Suring. With a humble beginning, a massive expansion, and tremendous growth, Diversified Woodcrafts certainly has an inspiring tale to tell.

True to its name, Diversified Woodcrafts has a diverse product line consisting of desks, tables, cabinets, stools, chairs, workbenches, and workstations suitable for schools, universities, and other educational institutions. The list already seems long, but there is more Diversified Woodcrafts has to offer. The company also makes laboratory apparatus, faucets, sinks, art and design tables, and culinary and foodservice products. The safety of students, teachers, and staff of your institute is kept in mind by Diversified Woodcrafts, and hence they make hand sanitizer dispensers and stands designed to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. There is also a line of products such as wash stations and instructor's desks made for anyone under ADA disability, which truly shows that considerable efforts are focused on fostering equality and empathy at the company.

The president of Diversified Woodcrafts is David Jahnke. The vice president is Greg McClure, who has an impressive 34 years of experience in the industry. Both individuals possess a wealth of knowledge and leadership skills, thus ensuring smooth operations and high-quality products that will continue to keep the company's excellent reputation intact.

The pieces that Diversified Woodcrafts makes are far more than just furniture- what they create is a platform for innovation and opportunities, offering a safe space and an innovative learning environment for the curious youth who are to be the leaders of tomorrow. The uniqueness and specialty of Diversified Woodcrafts can be attributed to this very reason.

With the sustainability of the environment being a very important consideration, Diversified Woodcrafts strives to remain earth-friendly at all times. The company carries the certification of MAS Certified Green as a means of promoting a healthier environment.

Diversified Woodcrafts guarantees a lifetime warranty with each purchase which protects the products from material defects and faulty workmanship and entitles you to come in for free repairs without any shipping or labour charges. The company allows customers to see visual representations of all of its series of furniture as it provides a virtual showroom that can be accessed on the company website by scheduling a presentation. To make sure that whatever you buy from them is well taken care of, they provide assembly instructions, manuals, and installation and care guides which are all available on their website. In an effort to ensure that customers are their number one priority, Diversified Woodcrafts takes every step possible and even goes one extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Where to buy Diversified Woodcrafts

Why buy Diversified Woodcrafts

  • There is a wide selection of furniture available for any classroom, whether it be for science laboratories, libraries, or art studios
  • Diversified Woodcrafts provides sustainable and eco-friendly products that protect the environment and make the world a healthier and greener place.
  • Encourage young learners to succeed by creating the most interactive, modern, and safe learning experience.
  • A lifetime warranty, which means free repairs for the years to come, is included with every purchase of any furniture piece from Diversified Woodcrafts.
  • The customers come first for Diversified Woodcrafts. You will be provided with a virtual tour of the showroom, installation guides for the furniture, and many more.
  • If you choose Diversified Woodcrafts, you are choosing one of the leading educational furniture manufacturers in the market. Having more than 45 years of experience in the industry, the company will ensure that you won't regret your decision.
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