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Locally owned Davis stands apart from the competition by doing things differently. For several decades, this company claims to have given its clients more while charging them less.

Davis Direct, unlike chain furniture retailers, offers colors, sizes, and styles that aren't available anyplace else. Davis works with American companies that supply hundreds of colors, styles, and sizes, whereas other stores simply sell out of inventory. You'll also discover environmentally friendly mattresses and sofas, as well as hard-to-find Made in America items, at the same price or less than you'd pay at a chain store. Customers come in all the time looking for products that other retailers can't seem to locate. Not only will this brand strive to locate the products you require, but they will frequently be able to do it while staying within your budget.

Customers' most popular remarks, according to the company, are "I can't believe how simple that was" and "I wish I knew about this store sooner." Davis puts in the same effort for their consumers, whether they want to spend a few hundred dollars or a few thousand. They make it simple; just tell them your budget and the style you want, and they will take care of the rest. Customers are thrilled that they can receive colors that other retailers tell them don't exist anymore because bespoke selections are accessible in all categories.

Davis Direct is able to do things that chain businesses are unable to do since it is locally owned. All of their employees live in the area, and they are proud of their ability to contribute to the local economy.

Customers are said to routinely call the store to express their gratitude for the professional and friendly deliverymen. The company also tries to make the delivery process as painless as possible, as is industry practice. You can request specific delivery days, and you'll always be given a 2-3 hour delivery window, so you're not stranded at home waiting. You can also schedule a 30-60 minute call ahead of time to avoid wasting time waiting at home.

The Davis Direct Melrose Landscape Dresser Mirror is one of their best-selling items. This item is a simple yet lovely addition to your bedroom's aesthetic depth and richness. The woodwork has a warm, medium brown tone with paneling at the top for stunning design detail, and it has a stylish wood frame. It matches their Melrose 9-Drawer Dresser flawlessly.

The aforementioned mirror is part of the "Melrose Collection," which includes a chest, wardrobe, and nightstand, as well as many storage choices for all of your garments, clothing, and bedroom essentials. This item's woodwork has a stunning, medium brown finish that blends in well with the rest of the room. Melrose is a practical and elegant solution to your bedroom necessities, with subtle paneling throughout, adding a few visual elements.  If you're looking for casual furniture in the region, the Melrose collection is an excellent choice.

Customers appear to like the fact that this company never engages in false sales or high-pressure sales practices. The owners believe it is unethical to charge a consumer a reduced price one week and a higher price the following. They also enjoy all American-made furnishings in all genres, as well as environmentally conscious items. Whereas other shops sell foreign mattresses with a lot of chemicals, Davis only sells American-made beds, many of which are chemical-free and all-natural. Davis is also known for having fantastic clearance sales. In order to make place for new arrivals, they will sell slower-moving items for a fraction of their wholesale cost. There is always a buy one, get one free offer, as well as other things that are hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars off.

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  • They source, develop and manufacture their products solely in the United States.
  • They are proud of their capacity to contribute to the local economy because all of their employees live in the area.
  • As is the industry norm, the company also strives to make the delivery process as smooth as possible.
  • This firm swears that it never engages in deceptive or high-pressure sales tactics.
  • Davis only sells American-made beds, many of which are chemical-free and all-natural, whereas other stores sell foreign mattresses with a lot of toxins.
  • Davis partners with American companies who offer hundreds of colors, styles, and sizes, whilst other retailers simply run out of stock.
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