Cosco has been honored to be a part of people's homes and, by extension, their stories for over 80 years. They've been providing products to help people enhance and simplify their everyday lives, whether they're moving, painting, renovating, entertaining visitors, or simply resting outside. The company will continue to produce items that are both useful and inventive. It's a promise they've made to the world.

The firm began utilizing the Cosco brand name in 1941, which is an abbreviation for Columbus Specialty Company. During World War II, Cosco, like most industries, produced military equipment. Cosco created the first entire range of all-metal home stools after the war. This entity was bought by DOREL in 1988, and it became part of Dorel Juvenile Corporation. Cosco incorporated into Dorel Home Furnishings, a sister subsidiary of Ameriwood Home, DHP, and Dorel Living, as product lines and DOREL expanded. Cosco's corporate offices are still in Columbus, Indiana, on the exact location as a Dorel Juvenile manufacturing facility.

The groundbreaking SmartFold was initially introduced by the company in 1941. Shortly after, their Stylaire Collection, which included a portable workbench, was launched to the market. The company expanded into chairs, utility tables, and aluminum office furniture in the 1950s. They've excelled in this field for a long time, to the point that, on their 25th anniversary in the 1960s, they were acknowledged as one of the major manufacturers of step stools and carts, as well as the second-largest manufacturer of folding chairs.

Their iconic Two-Step foldable step stool, 30-inch folding tables, and 3/4 back folding chairs were all designed at the same time in the 1970s. The firm entered the DIY market a decade later when it celebrated its 50th anniversary. In the '90s, as technology was evolving at breakneck speed, Cosco was never far behind. With non-stop innovation and an unrivaled devotion to quality, the company adapted to market changes in a grand way. During this time, their Tech Step and foldable furniture lines grew significantly.

Their Connection and Signature Series step stools, wood folding furniture, and resin activity tables made a notable debut into the market around the turn of the century. Then finally, in 2010, the business branched out into outdoor furniture, introducing the Shifter, an award-winning design.

The Resin Fold-in-Half Card Table, a brilliant solution for space-conscious clients, is one of their best-selling goods today. The Resin Fold-in-Half Card Table will add flair to your next cookout, game night, or holiday celebration. While you spend a good evening with your friends and family, this black resin table offers a sense of calm. Setup is simple, safe, and worry-free, thanks to the pinch-free latching system. This device provides 25% more surface area than a standard card table, and it is 29.5 inches tall so that wheelchairs may fit safely. This device also has non-marring leg tips to keep you from slipping when you're using it. This incorporated feature protects the surface of your floor from any potential harm, giving you peace of mind. Wipe any stain with a moist towel before putting it away. When game night is over and you're ready to put the table away, fold it in half and move it using the handle.

Dorel Industries Inc, the mentioned parent company, is an international corporation operating three distinct enterprises in juvenile products, bicycles, and home products. The diversity, originality, and quality of Dorel's goods, as well as the excellence of its brands, are the company's strengths. Global brands Maxi-Cosi, Quinny, and Tiny Love, as well as regional trademarks Safety 1st, Bébé Confort, Cosco, and Infanti, are among Dorel Juvenile's brilliantly branded products. Dorel employs over 9,200 people in sites situated in twenty-five countries and generates annual sales of over US$2.6 billion.

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  • They've been in business for more than 80 years, so you can say they know what they're doing.
  • Cosco is one of the pioneers when it comes to foldable furniture. This company is a good choice if you're looking for such items.
  • They are the largest manufacturers of step stools and carts and one of the most successful manufacturers of folding tables.
  • Although they import some materials abroad, most of their products are assembled in the United States.