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Corsicana was created in 1971 and offers a variety of branded and private label items to shops as promotional and step-up products. Corsicana is devoted to improving the lives of hardworking Americans. They provide a diverse choice of high-quality, low-cost mattresses to ensure that as many individuals as possible have the opportunity for a good night's sleep.

This brand is impressive because it listened to what people wanted in a bed business and reconfigured its entire process - from principle to architecture - to make the ideal bed for you, whether you want an efficient mattress that uses cutting-edge technology or you would like the sturdiness of traditional craftsmanship. Corsicana asserts that it provides the most fantastic items at the best pricing. They also attempt to understand their clients' problems and focus on solutions by utilizing cutting-edge technology and experienced and helpful representatives. Furthermore, unique research is used to create creative goods that fulfill the demands of consumers.

Corsicana Bedding provides special pricing for high-quality mattresses. They've been in the mattress business for almost 50 years and are the industry's largest private-label maker. All Corsicana products are manufactured in the United States. These mattresses are available in various configurations, including innerspring, hybrid, and all-foam types. Some feature simple coil systems, while others are more complex. Two all-foam variants give support with a high-density foam core. Models with Corsicana's micro coils boost support while improving conforming abilities are available at a higher price point. Many of the models have cooling technology built in.

The Queen Corsicana Renue Copper 12 Inch Medium Firm Mattress is one of their best-selling goods. This foam mattress provides proven advantages for your most fabulous sleep by utilizing patented sleep research and technology. Copper-infused comfort levels help you fall asleep sooner and remain asleep longer by offering ergonomic stability and natural temperature control, all while being supported by the pressure-relieving softness of ContourGel Performance Foam. This mattress comes delivered in a box, and it takes 24-48 hours to decompress fully.

Corsicana had a successful year of expansion in 2021. In February of that year, the firm spent $22 million to construct a 376,000 square-foot complex on 26 acres in its hometown, which would contain its corporate offices, factory, training center, showroom, and innovation lab. Upon completion, the firm will return its corporate headquarters to Corsicana from Dallas, where it has been since 2018. This is the company's second new facility revealed this year, and the second new factory announced in the last six months. The business announced the construction of a 165,000 square-foot plant in La Porte, Indiana, to manufacture boxed beds. "Our triumphs over the last three years have been considerable," said CEO Michael Thompson, "and this new facility, planned and constructed for our needs, will allow us to increase manufacturing efficiency, as well as combine our product-testing lab and executive teams in one place alongside production." Corsicana celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021, and what a fantastic way to kick off the next 50 years than by building this new, world-class institution in Corsicana, where we began." Corsicana would integrate two older plants in Corsicana under one roof with a larger footprint under the proposal, and the firm expects to employ 450 employees in Texas. In the new facility, Corsicana now manufactures items for its five brands – NightsBridge, Early Bird, Renue, American Bedding, and Sleep Inc. – and private-label, contract, and hospitality lines.

Corsicana Mattress Co. purchased competitor Symbol Mattress in April 2021. The privately-held firms, which are among the top ten bedding makers, did not reveal the transaction's specifics. The newly amalgamated firm later hired employees from Symbol. As per industry estimates, the total sales of the enterprises exceed $450 million. The purchase of Symbol develops a market-leading corporation. The merged firm will have 16 production locations and about 1,300 employees. Symbol Mattress, situated in Richmond, Virginia, was founded in 1961 and offered a diverse product line spanning from promotional to premium retail pricing points. "We are overjoyed to be a member of the Corsicana family." "The acquisition now allows Symbol to develop nationwide and meet the high demand for our major brands," said Mike McQuiston, president of Symbol.

Long Point Capital, a private equity firm based in New York and Royal Oak, Michigan, owns this firm. In 2016, Long Point spearheaded the recapitalization of Corsicana. Today, this firm generates more than 600 million in yearly sales and employs around 1500 people across its facilities.

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  • Corsicana offers a wide range of high-quality, low-cost mattresses to guarantee that as many people as possible have access to a decent night's sleep.
  • They can create the right bed for you, whether you desire a high-efficiency mattress with cutting-edge technology or the sturdiness of classic artistry.
  • All of their items are manufactured in the United States.
  • They have a combined manufacturing experience of over 50 years.
  • Corsicana mattresses come in various configurations, including innerspring, hybrid, and all-foam mattresses.
  • This company has numerous patents under its belt.