Correll was founded in 1969 and has been in operation for more than 50 years. With their exceptional customer service, stunning new product lines, and the broadest range of folding tables available, they've earned a reputation for excellence. You can rely on Correll now more than ever. In an age when it appears like everything is imported, Correll's factory in Arkansas still produces over 90% of its products in the United States.

Correll specializes in the design and marketing of tables for any environment. Homes, corporate offices, educational institutions, hospitality enterprises, government agency offices, and even hospitals and clinics have all been served by them. Tables, after all, are something that every location requires. Correll is a market leader in melamine table surfaces for computer and training applications. A 1&1/8-inch high particle wood core is used in their premium tables. Their melamine tops are weather and scratch-resistant and give a smooth and robust writing surface. A steel modesty panel with one or two cord management apertures, depending on the size, is included on the desk and keyboard height tables. These tables will last for years if they are adequately cared for.

The Correll AM60-RND Econoline Melamine Top Round Activity Table is one of their most popular items. This adjustable height work table is designed to withstand the rigors of a busy classroom, meeting room, or other high-use settings. The Melamine top is equally as wet and scratch-resistant as standard hardwood tables, and it has a smooth writing surface that's suitable for use in the classroom. Best of all, this table may be used to remove crayons and even permanent markers without causing harm. This activity table has the same commercial-duty legs as Correll High-Pressure tables, plus a pre-attached mounting bracket that eliminates the guesswork of leg placement. An inner leg made of chromium resists wear and scrapes. With 3/4-inch long screws, each leg is firmly attached to the one-piece tabletop. These tables may be adjusted to nine different heights, ranging from 19 to 29 inches. It may be utilized as a computer station, a desk, or a variety of other things, thanks to its adjustable height. Set screws guarantee that height modifications are secure and tamper-proof.

Their café and breakroom tables are perfect for use in restaurants, schools, and other businesses. These tables will generate the atmosphere you want in any restaurant, whether a café, coffee shop or outdoor eating area. They offer colorful and durable solutions for creating a high-energy, attractive dining or lounge environment in school and college settings, and their corporate and commercial clients understand that Correll will work with them to build the ideal location for their employees to dine, rest, recharge, and collaborate.

Their budget-friendly Utility, Lab, and Library Tables are both stylish and long-lasting. They have a two-sided thermal fused laminate work surface with 1 &1/8-inch high-density core for a balanced structure. Wear, scrapes, burns, spills, and most chemicals won't harm them. The table is made of two-inch square steel legs bolted to the three-inch-wide steel apron's corner sockets.

The level of flexibility available with each item in Correll's product range is an intriguing aspect. For instance, their table goods come in a variety of colors. The color palette includes traditional wood finishes such as walnut, cherry, and medium oak, as well as fine stone textures such as granite and sand, and even the most basic color coatings such as red, white, and blue. You'll be satisfied whether you're looking for opulent layers or stunningly minimalistic aesthetics. Correll, in fact, creates personalized items as well. Custom BTO items are often not in stock and are produced to the buyer's requirements.

This company is based in Charleston, Arkansas, where they employ more than a hundred people. They bring in well over ten million dollars every year in revenue.

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  • Correll was established in 1969 and has been in business for almost 50 years.
  • They've built a reputation for quality thanks to their innovative new product lines and the largest selection of folding tables accessible.
  • They're the place to go whether you're looking for tables for your home, workplace, or restaurant. They have tables for any purpose.
  • Correll is a market leader in melamine table surfaces for computer and training applications.
  • They design and manufacture 90% of their products in the United States.
  • An exciting component of Correll's product line is the degree of customization accessible with each item. Their tableware is available in a range of colors and finishes.
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