People have been looking for methods to enhance, add utility, and hang personal touches around their homes, businesses, and other areas for decades without damaging walls, ceilings, or other flat surfaces. The Command brand has grown from humble origins to its present position in the global home organization and décor business, thanks to a game-changing breakthrough by a team of talented scientists and innovators at 3M and the firm belief and vision of one determined individual.

Karl Kreckel, a 3M scientist from Germany, began generating buzz in the late 1980s about a novel adhesive tape that was exceptionally strong until it was stretched. In 1992, 3M hired Jim Bries to oversee a product development team tasked with adapting this ground-breaking adhesive to an issue that has plagued homes since the dawn of time: how to hang goods on walls without using nails, screws, tools, or causing damage.

While 3M scientists are intelligent, relentless, and driven, few are as tenacious or persistent as Jim Bries in the pantheon of 3M's outstanding brains. To call Mr. Bries, an inventor is an understatement. He was a game-changer who saw the limitless potential of this revolutionary new invention, which would provide consumers with a new method to hang items without causing damage.

Jim and his colleagues worked extensively to adjust the product so that it could be used on painted walls and stretch smoothly. Despite years of breakthroughs and Jim and his team figuring things out, 3M put the project on hold, much to the dismay of Mr. Bries and his staff. He and other essential management champions at the lab fought hard to keep the project alive, and they were successful in getting it resurrected.

Bries and his team believed they were coming close to a market-ready product once the project resumed. But there was one thing that was missing: a name. They sought something to reflect the company's unrivaled strength and ease. The team eventually settled on "Command" after much deliberation. It was great, demonstrating to customers that the product would not only release on command but would also provide homes unprecedented control over their organization and décor.

Bries and the crew were ready to launch after achieving the impossible and establishing the Command Brand. The initial Command items were introduced in 1996 and included medium and large utility hooks, a tiny cable clip, poster strips, and replacement strips.

It didn't take long for consumers to observe and figure out what was going on. Command Brand released its second wave of spring clips, picture hangers, and decoration clips not long after the first.

The Command product line was profitable to the tune of $10 million just three years after its launch, in 1999. The people behind this trademark entered the twenty-first century with innovation in their eyes and ideas on their minds, hearing the requests of its followers for new methods to organize and decorate damage-free loud and clear. Command released a series of bathroom-focused goods in 2004, picture hanging strips in 2005, metal hooks in 2007, and transparent hooks in 2012, knowing and embracing their position in the emerging DIY revolution.

After feeling they'd done everything they could inside the house, for the time being, Jim and his team turned their attention to the outside of the house. They introduced a line of outdoor products that are specifically designed to withstand the best and worst that mother nature has to offer, such as rain, snow, and extreme heat.

Jim and his crew, never ones to rest on their laurels, reformulated their indoor strip in 2015 to keep up with the ever-changing paint chemistries.

While their customers will eventually drive their innovation, the company says it doesn't imply they'll just sit back and wait. You'd witness thousands of goods being tested on hundreds of various surfaces if you went to the Command lab today. They're constantly inventing, developing, and keeping true to Jim Bries' and his team's vision.

In reality, there are more than 200 damage-free hanging alternatives on the market right now, with many more in development. Rest assured that whatever they come up with next will give you the confidence to decorate and modify your home without worry.

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  • Command products are the absolute authority when it comes to DIY essentials for any home, business, or office.
  • The command trademark is under the much-respected 3M brand, meaning you can be assured of the quality these items bring.
  • Command products are proudly made in the United States.
  • Command products have been around for almost 30 years.
  • They're constantly inventing, developing, and keeping true to their founder’s vision.