With many professionals accustomed to working from home due to present circumstances, the demand for computer-related items has changed from a small number of tech-savvy persons to the entire population. This is where a brand like Chief shines.

Chief is a computer-related manufacturing company under the Legrand umbrella. Other brands of the same company include C2G, Da-Lite, Luxul, Middle-Atlantic, Nuvo, On-Q, Projecta, Sanus, and Vadio. Legrand AV companies use innovative solutions and outstanding service to create incredible AV experiences. These brands come together as industry leaders and partners to establish a union larger than the sum of its parts, allowing them to deliver a holistic solution that connects people via technology in education, corporate, houses of worship, government, and more. They are also devoted to a global and local culture of sustainability. In 2011, the company was the most prominent worldwide producer of switches and sockets, accounting for 20% of the worldwide market, and the largest global producer of cable management, accounting for 75% of global turnover. In addition, the company is growing its product line in sustainable development and energy-saving technologies and has created new solar and lighting control devices.

The firm began in 1865 when a Limoges porcelain studio was established on the way to Lyon, producing porcelain plates. Frédéric Legrand, who gave the firm its name, took over the company in 1904. In 1919, the firm partnered with Jean Mondot, a Limoges craftsman who had established a modest factory in Exideuil creating porcelain and boxwood electric switches. After that, manufacturing began to diversify into electrical equipment. Porcelain was the best available insulating material at the time, before the invention of plastic. Following a manufacturing fire in 1949, the company decided to focus only on electrical wire products. The firm swiftly expanded its product line to include security, cable management, and emergency lighting, among other things. Since then, Legrand has completed 120 strategic acquisitions that included Chief, growing to become a prominent, diversified electrical wire equipment manufacturer with over 150,000 product lines. It has bases in 70 countries and sells in 180 countries as of 2006.

This firm offers four key product categories under the Chief brand: mounts, storage, power, and additional accessories. They have a number of cutting-edge monitor mounts that the market appreciates. For example, the Large THINSTALL Dual Swing Arm Wall Display Mount is a unique twist on monitor mounts. This is a big wall screen mount for TVs 42-75 inches that is lightweight and low-profile. By attaching the top rail and sliding on the assembly, it is simple to install with just one person.

TiLED Solution Services is maybe one of Chief's most fascinating product offerings. Chief took the lead in delivering these wall LED goods and even giving installation and other services to the market as LED panels became increasingly popular throughout businesses and buildings due to their sophisticated, modernistic charm. They understand that even experienced AV technicians might find direct view LED setups unpleasant. Risk reduction is constantly front of mind, from display and installation systems to design combinations and sourcing experienced personnel. Chief is here to remove the guesswork from your dvLED setup. They developed the TiLED Video Wall Mounting System in collaboration with dvLED display manufacturers to ensure that it is simple to select, order, and install. The Legrand installation team offers the degree of service you choose is required to be your client's dvLED specialist. Start-to-finish project counseling, including tailored design, engineering solutions, and labor help augment your skills, will make your dvLED installation sparkle. Their TiLED mounting solution allows for an almost limitless number of video wall layouts. They can assist you in realizing your most artistic ideas. With teams dedicated to providing outstanding customer and sales support, as well as bespoke, white-glove service alternatives, Chief is devoted to your success.

To create exceptional AV experiences, everyone has to work together, and they like collaborating with industry partners to offer infrastructure that supports your favorite brands. Legrand is proud of its successful collaborations with major corporations like Dell, Google Workspace, and Zoom. These strategic alliances have proven to be a critical commercial decision for Legrand, particularly in current global developments.

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  • This company has been around for more than 50 years in the market.
  • They offer a variety of cutting-edge monitor mounts that are well-received in the industry.
  • Chief is a trusted and well-known brand. Its parent firm, Legrand, is a renowned partner of prominent businesses such as Google and Zoom.
  • The firm is expanding its sustainable development and energy-saving technologies product range and developing new solar and lighting control devices.