Construction Electrical Products or commonly referred to as CEP, has been servicing the construction and industrial sectors for more than 40 years as a market leader in producing Temporary Power Distribution and Portable Lighting. CEP is an importer, assembler, and reseller of a wide range of specialty electrical items, including Extension Cords, Light Strings, GFCIs, and Wiring Devices, in addition to its multi-awarded domestic production.

CEP is immensely proud of its personnel and distributors who are knowledgeable enough to be able to assist contractors' electrical needs from the beginning to the finish of a project, thanks to CEP's wide range of products and impeccable training system. They market a broad spectrum of product lines, ranging from low-cost, low-end to high-quality and high-end. You can find their product offerings here at Interiorbeat.

CEP is proud of the value and assistance it provides to distributors. CEP runs 15 facilities across the United States and Canada, with 25 independent retail locations. As a result, CEP products are accessible to the majority of construction and industrial markets. CEP provides technical training materials, onsite training, and over-the-phone technical support to educate and teach its distributors and end-users. One of CEP's most significant assets is its ability to respond rapidly to clients' unique requirements. Their in-house engineer and Custom UL 1640 production program enable them to construct specifications for particular applications, allowing clients to accomplish jobs safely and effectively. CEP's employees work tirelessly to fulfill their vision statement: to produce and distribute high-quality products in an entity devoted to providing the best customer service in the industry.

One of their most popular product offerings to date is the 6700 Booster Box. It's obviously a very relevant item on the market in today's work-from-home age. With this Booster Box, you can make your power distribution setup leaps and bounds more adaptable. This box will increase your voltage by 15%, allowing you to run power distribution boxes for greater distances from the power source. This will certainly help plenty of households as well as small to medium factories.

Their Model 6165I Portable Lighting Solutions are also very impressive. This little rechargeable LED light is ideal for any work where there are no power sources. The 6165I features three power settings to provide you with more options in your application. For a 2-hour run time, Power Setting #1 has 1500 Lumens, Power Setting #2 has 750 Lumens, and Power Setting #3 has 500 Lumens for a 6-hour run time. This product comes with three distinct charging options namely, NEMA 5-15P Plug, USB, and a 12V Car Charger. The charging duration for these gadgets is an impressively fast 3 hours.

CEP is also recognized for its dependable power extension cord collection. For example, their Molded Vinyl Cables are 100-foot outdoor power extension cords that are weather-resistant, low profile, and robustly tapered. It also has snag-free edges and webbed strain relief to minimize cracking and separation. These are an absolute must-have for any home or office.

Throughout its corporate history, CEP has been reasonably successful. Its clientele is diverse since it works on both residential and business projects for larger clients. CEP has a stated yearly income of well over ten million dollars. Across all of its sites, the company employs over 100 satisfied workers.

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  • For more than 40 years, Construction Electrical Products, or CEP, has served the construction and industrial sectors.
  • CEP is a trustworthy importer, assembler, and reseller of a wide range of specialty electrical products.
  • They provide a diverse choice of products, ranging from low-cost, low-end to high-quality, high-end.
  • The in-house engineer and unique manufacturing program enable them to build to specified requirements for specific applications, allowing clients to complete work safely and efficiently.