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Canadel is a family-run business. They believe in hand-assembling and hand-finishing items using environmentally friendly procedures while adhering to the highest quality industry standards. Canadel's aim has been the same since 1982: to provide customized solutions that are designed to satisfy the unique demands of each customer's house. What they provide are practically antiques in the making: furniture that is so skillfully constructed that you will pass it forward to your children, who will pass it on to their children, and so on, preserving everything in the family.

Like many other family enterprises, this dining-room furniture firm came from humble origins. Guy Deveault, the current CEO of Canadel, worked at his father's furniture firm before starting the company. He recalls, "I worked there every summer while I was in school. Starting in the plant and working my way up to foreman, I did a little bit of everything." Guy and his brother Michel (now the president of Canadel) joined their father in 1982 after finishing their undergraduate studies. The furniture business has seen a significant transition since 1982, from the way furniture is created to contracting and distribution to customer buying habits. Every step of the way, the Deveaults' record for honesty and integrity in commercial transactions has served them well.

Michel and Guy Deveault acquired everything they know about job happiness from their father, and they've passed it forward to their two kids, who also work for the company. Marie-Christine, Guy's daughter, is now in charge of marketing and design coordination. Her mission is to inspire others and share her passion for the kitchen, the heart of the house. She is continually working on new initiatives to ensure that Canadel looks its best. Marie-Christine collaborates with her cousin, Jean-Philippe, regularly. Jean-Philippe Deveault, 33, is nearly the same age as the Deveault family company. He tackled his studies from an early age intending to assist his father in producing exquisite, high-quality dining-room furniture. Jean-Philippe is now in charge of aftersales support and the company's signature program, which was created to satisfy the needs of unusual interiors. The Deveault family has built Canadel into a thriving corporation that continues to expand and flourish, both in business and life. Canadel items are available throughout the United States and Canada, and the company presently has five full-fledged storefronts.

When it comes to Canadel items, there are six primary collections to choose from, the Canadel Core, Champlain, Loft, Downtown, Gourmet, and East Side. Each group gives its own perspective on the conventional dining room in the form of unique stylistic components and trends. A Canadel collection will suit every single style and inclination, whether you live in a trendy city apartment or a classic family home.

It's a pleasant coincidence that some of the most unforgettable events occur in the dining room. After all, it's in the Dining Room where your family and friends congregate to enjoy meals, adventures, and special events. It's critical to select a dining set with the same amount of love and care as the experiences made around it. With endless options in forms, sizes, finishes, and upholstery, Canadel is the best location to locate your dream Dining Room set. At Canadel, you may create a dining area that reflects your likes, preferences, and personality.

The Canadel Core Dining line is the cornerstone of the company's identity. This dining set is defined as "updated classics," with a softness to the traditional eating experience. The Canadel collection offers a sophisticated take on the ordinary dining room, ranging from core to classic to rustic chic pieces. Although it may appear to be the most simple in terms of design or trend, it is really the most sophisticated and diverse when it comes to modification. According to Nadine Moreau, a Canadel consultant, the Canadel Core collection is "the most individualized division of all the Canadel divisions." When it comes to forms, sizes, and finishes, the Canadel line has a lot to offer. Pieces from the Canadel line may be tailored to meet a range of design styles based on your particular preferences. Furthermore, Canadel items are frequently used as a neutral yet classy focal point in the dining area. As a result, these dining sets may be ageless while yet allowing for innovation and dramatic expressions in the d├ęcor surrounding them.

Canadel Furniture is a very successful company, with over 80 million dollars in yearly revenue and more than 100 workers throughout its several sites.

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  • Canadel is a family-owned company that believes in hand-assembling and hand-finishing things using environmentally friendly methods while keeping to the highest industry quality standards.
  • What they provide are nearly antiquities in the making: furniture so well-made that you'll want to pass it down to your offspring.
  • Whether you live in a stylish metropolitan apartment or a historic family home, a Canadel collection will fit your every style and desire.
  • With a plethora of shapes, sizes, finishes, and upholstery possibilities, you may design a dining room that expresses your tastes, preferences, and personality.