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When it comes to acquiring lamps, chandeliers, track lighting, pendants, and LED mirrors for their homes or businesses, people have a multitude of options to choose from. Cal Lighting is one of those players in this space, and they claim to uphold the standards of offering high-quality products and excellent customer service to their customers.

As a family-owned firm established in 1981, Cal Lighting has grown to be amongst the leading creators and producers of high-quality lighting products, with manufacturing locations in both the United States and China. The company aims to provide excellent products at low costs in the home furnishings, lighting, and hospitality sectors. Timely delivery is a priority, as is dedicated customer support and service.

Many of Cal Lighting's clients are furnishings and lighting stores, internet retailers, department stores, catalog firms, office furniture stores, hotel design agencies, hotels/motels, and design studios, among other businesses. In terms of product selection, they provide a broad range of options that include all of the most popular designs in home furnishings right now.

Impressively, Cal Lighting has three beautifully designed showrooms in High Point, Dallas, and Las Vegas, all of which are dedicated to servicing dealers and allowing them to "touch and feel" their items firsthand before making a purchase. 

They have all of the products in their catalog in stock thanks to their massive warehouse facility in Ontario, California, reportedly over 150,000 square feet. Their reported fill rate is well in excess of 90%, and they provide a relatively speedy delivery service. A further claim is that all orders are dispatched within 48 to 72 hours of receiving a purchase order.

Their chandelier collection is particularly outstanding, with over 180 different designs to choose from that are likely to meet your needs and fit your budget. In addition, their table lamp collection is visually appealing. Whether you want to redesign your apartment, flip a house for sale, or renovate your newly acquired lake house, they have got you covered.  

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  • They have an extensive catalog with a wide array of designs to choose from, which means you're probably going to find what you're looking for.
  • The company prides itself on high delivery speeds.
  • Due to their adequate storage facilities, they have all of their products in stock. Backorders and other complications may be avoided as a result of this.
  • They have impressively designed showrooms that allow clients to gain hands-on experience with their product offerings in order to help them make informed buying decisions.
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