An office must be functional as much as it is appealing. Bostitch's office supplies can help your office be precisely that.

Stanley Bostitch, formerly and more popularly known as just Bostitch, is an American firm that specializes in the design and production of fastening tools and fasteners, such as staplers, staple guns, nail guns, riveters, and glue guns. Its product line includes items for the home, office, construction, and industrial usage, such as the pencil sharpener.

The business made a number of enhancements to the stapler that we now know as the contemporary desk stapler. Stanley Black & Decker owns the company today, and under the Bostitch brand, they began selling tradesmen's power tools, mechanics' hand tools, and pneumatic equipment through various retailers and e-commerce entities in 2013. You can find many of their products here on Interiorbeat.

Thomas Briggs created Bostitch as the Boston Wire Stitcher Company in Arlington, Massachusetts, in 1896. Briggs had created a machine that sewed books from wire coils. The company then expanded its stapler line to include a variety of industrial models to grow its initial user base. The company was mainly concerned with commercial sewing machines in the beginning. The Model AO, considered a precursor of the current desk stapler, was released in 1914 as the company's first "portable stapling machine." The Bostitch No. 1 stapler, released in 1924, was the first stapler to employ current type cohered strip staples.

This was a groundbreaking design at the time since it was both affordable and dependable. BOSTITCH, a combination of "Boston" and "stitch," became the company's official name in 1948. The entity then relocated to its current home in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, in 1957. Textron bought the company in 1966, and Stanley Works acquired it from Textron 20 years later.

The Bostitch Antimicrobial QuietSharp sharpener is one of the company's best-selling products today. This fantastic instrument offers the perfect balance of power, safety, and elegance for the classroom or studio. The SharpStop technology automatically shuts down the sharpener after the pencil is sharp enough, extending the life of each pencil and reducing classroom noise. The SharpGlow light will then turn on, producing a faint blue glow around the dial as a visual cue for the student and instructor who may not be around. Its 6-size selection dial works well with a wide range of pencils. Whether your children use jumbo pencils or Ticonderoga Tri-Writes in primary school, or older pupils utilize conventional pencils, this electric sharpener has you covered! The Tip Saver Technology also prevents over-sharpening, further increasing the life of your pencils.

Sharpening is 70% quicker, and cutter life is 10x longer using their patented XHC cutter technology. It's composed of extra hardened steel, and the blade is helical, enabling for a sharp tip in under 4 seconds every time. This electric sharpener is safe from overheating thanks to the combination of a high-capacity motor and heat overload prevention. This ensures you can sharpen a large number of pencils without taking a break. The operation is quiet, and it's built to last in a classroom setting. The unique MagnaSafe tamper-proof safety switch on the enormous shavings tray for most Bostitch sharpeners halts the blade when the tray isn't attached. There's no means to get the motor to run if the tray is removed. As a result, it has become the industry standard for classroom safety with young children present.

The brand has been a phenomenal success all around the world. As a matter of fact, Bostitch became a frequent deonym in the German-speaking portion of Switzerland. "Bostitchen" is a term for "staple" and is even used in formal papers. Bostitch employs approximately 100 people in its various sites and earns over $20 million in yearly sales.

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