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Boss Furniture is a Jamaican enterprise that has grown to be a well-known manufacturer and distributor of high-quality goods all over the world. This firm has developed from its humble beginnings in Jamaica in 1990 to become a major industrial company with local and regional clients and over 200 Jamaican employees.

Mattresses, bed frames, upholstered furniture, such as couch sets, headboards, sofa beds, and reupholstered goods, as well as polyurethane foam, are all manufactured by this brand. Boss Furniture boasts collections that match every price point without compromising comfort.

Boss also sells furniture that may be utilized in a number of locations. Their high-quality, long-lasting, and comfy bedding is popular among hoteliers, Airbnb hosts, hostel owners, hospitals, dorms, physicians' offices, medical clinics, jails, and camps that use institutional mattresses. They want to assist you in making the best decision for your facility. Anti-microbial, tear-resistant, and anti-static properties are guaranteed for those products. They're also self-deodorizing, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain. These goods have flame retardant coverings and are constructed specifically to the criteria of these organizations. You can definitely furnish your business with Boss Furniture goods, no matter what it is.

Their vanity sets are some of their most recent additions. They are blissfully stunning, with a romantically designed table and accompanying stool. The table features a mirror that opens to reveal an intermediate storage area, as well as four drawers with decorative knobs. The item is offered in three different wood finishes: silver, cherry, and white. Their kitchen line, which includes a charming stool set, is also among their newest items. For example, their button-tufted oak stools provide variety and functionality to your living room. With very thick cushions, they ensure optimum comfort. The barstool, counter stool, and regular stool all have various functions depending on your intended environment.

Their new living room pieces are equally appealing. Their traditional three coffee table set can nicely complement your living area with its exquisite and timeless appearance. Sturdy legs support the tabletop so you can safely set your computer, coffee, and tea without fear of it tipping over. It may perfectly match your ivory table lamp, house d├ęcor, and your lovely and healthy plants because it is upholstered in a stylish espresso hue. Their chaise lounges are also pretty remarkable. The chaise lounge features a single folded arm with tufted border embroidery on the bedding area, a single cushion, and storage for a clever design with extra flare. The bottom section of the unit is trimmed in nickel studs, and short and broad leg components take this traditional concept to the next level. They're made of a linen-like fabric in matte black, grey, and dark blue.

Serving Jamaica and the Caribbean, Boss Furniture is one of the top makers and suppliers of top-quality polyurethane foam in a variety of densities. These foams are also well-known in other regions of the world. They're made with high-quality springs, and the best memory foam money can buy. Polyester Jacquard fabric and gray square pattern brush fabric make up the outside cover. It has a zippered non-woven cloth bottom.

Omar Azan is Boss Furniture Company's founder and CEO. His commitment to nation-building has earned him the Prime Minister's Medal of Appreciation for service to Jamaica and recognition as driving the most outstanding corporate support for the 'Buy Jamaican, Build Jamaica' campaign. He's also won the PSOJ 50 Under Fifty Business Leader Award, the NCB Nation Builder Award, and of course, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security Award for Leadership, Advocacy, and Patronage. Along with him, the firm has garnered several honors, too, for its responsible manufacturing standards. Boss Furniture is proud of its environmental initiatives and ethical business practices. They are also renowned as fantastic employers in the area, and their staff and customers adore them. Since 2010, they claim to have taken substantial measures toward recycling and lowering their factory's carbon footprint.

Boss Furniture employs more than 200 people and generates a staggering $7 million in annual revenue.

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  • This company has over 30 years of manufacturing experience.
  • Their high-quality bedding is popular among hoteliers, Airbnb hosts, hostel owners, hospitals, dorms, physicians' offices, medical clinics, jails, and camps that use institutional mattresses.
  • Their green initiatives and corporate social responsibility measures are very commendable.
  • Boss Furniture is an award-winning entity and has a great leadership team behind it.
  • They make some of the most well-liked mattresses around.