When it comes to furniture, longevity is key to making a great purchase. This seems to be one of the core principles of Bisley.

Precision engineered and constructed to last, the firm says its goods will continue to work as hard as the day you first received them. Bisley is the brand people look to for quality they can trust when making colorful furniture that beautifies homes and workplaces.

Their success, according to them, is attributed to long-term connections, cutting-edge technology, and the most extraordinary people. They're constantly pushing the frontiers of manufacturing quality. Since they're a private firm, they're able to reinvest the majority of their earnings in the business for long-term growth.

Bisley has been around since 1931. A luxury automobile panel beater, Freddy Brown established his one-man shop in St John's, Woking, Surrey, where he repaired damaged vehicles.

The firm relocated to Bisley, Surrey, in 1941and put up a 400-square-meter production plant and worked on a variety of wartime defense contracts there. Bisley devised and built the first parachute-dropped containers, which were utilized extensively by airborne forces throughout the war. The Ministry of Defence gave it many commendations for this effort.

Bisley has always been noted for his willingness to adapt to new situations. For more than 80 years, they've provided practical answers that help solve the challenges of our present day. They offered bodywork repair in response to the introduction of the first automobiles. When war broke out, they made jerry cans. They now mix this spirit of creativity with a pearl of collective wisdom that can only be gained through experience. While the world keeps changing, their love for design and concern for their employees does not.

Bisley consolidated all of its manufacturing into a single site in 2012 by purchasing an additional 20,000 square meters in Newport. It also grew throughout Europe and beyond, with operations in Spain and Dubai. Bisley then purchased its North American subsidiary in 2013. The company presently has a presence in eight countries across three continents. Be by Bisley, a ground-breaking solution to customized, integrated storage, also debuted this year.

The Furniture Makers' Guild bestowed the renowned Manufacturing Guild Mark on them in 2015, recognizing their expertise in sustainability and production. Their MultiDrawer likewise received the Design Guild Mark in 2017 for its timeless design, usefulness, and quality. You can say they sport some quality, and they obviously have something to show for it.

Bisley then purchased a specialized provider of fitted furniture for the education sector, and the following year invested in equipping an additional 80,000 square feet of workspace. Bisley acquired the potential to manufacture personalized panel-based wooden goods and wooden components to complement and improve its steel products due to this acquisition. Bisley will be able to develop into new areas, such as healthcare, residential, hospitality, and office, due to this investment.

Their award-winning product, and consequently the most popular in their selection, is the MultiDrawer. The Bisley MultiDrawer is a design classic that's as flexible as it is recognizable, having been developed in 1958. It suits any setting, from home offices to industrial workplaces and everything in between. It is compact, durable, and available in a wide choice of colors and textures.

With several drawer heights to choose from, the MultiDrawer may be put on top of the desk or under a work surface. There are three A4 MultiDrawer ranges and one A3 MultiDrawer range that may be used to store various items in your home or business.

When it comes to building workspaces, Bisley is the brand to remember for reliable quality. They've been quietly developing new goods to address the changing demands of our working environment for over eighty years. They also uphold the most exemplary standards, and all of their furniture is meticulously crafted.

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  • When it comes to colorful furniture that brightens up people's homes and offices, Bisley is the company to look to.
  • Bisley has always been known for his adaptability to changing settings. They've been providing realistic solutions to today's concerns for more than 80 years.
  • Their numerous accolades attest to the high quality of their products.
  • The Bisley MultiDrawer is suitable for a variety of settings, including home offices, industrial settings, and everything in between. It's lightweight, long-lasting, and comes in a variety of colors and textures.
  • They have the highest manufacturing standards, and all of their furniture is handcrafted with care.