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Best-Rite, a division of Moore Company, has devoted decades to designing high-quality solutions that will last in the classroom and office setting under any condition. It began as Best-Rite Chalkboard in the 1950s before being purchased forty years later. Best-Rite performed so successfully as part of the MooreCo family that it established a new manufacturing facility.

If you're looking to furnish your school, Best-Rite furniture is a terrific option. The brand focuses on developing cutting-edge products for newcomers to the market. This company has done a stellar job at focusing on this particular market.

Students are extraordinary, and they arrive anxious to study and offer their world views.  What role does furniture play? Well, a student’s satisfaction can be significantly enhanced by selecting the appropriate chair or desk. The learner is more likely to learn if they feel at ease. They'll sit upright, straighten their backs, and keep their gaze fixed on the dry-erase board. Furthermore, good health means they will love school more and attend in the long run.

As a result of the students' comfort, teachers can concentrate on their work. They may give the daily lesson, organize dance breaks if they choose, and not stress backaches caused by backpacks. This is the gap that Best-Rite discovered, and they've found the solution.

Best-Rite furniture for schools is designed to meet the changing demands of children in the classroom. They create furniture that may be utilized for various occasions, from daily lectures to film viewing. Some can even teach children how to meditate if they want a break or fidget in a socially appropriate manner.

Check out the study carrels, tables, and preschool seats available from Best-Rite Kids. There are tables for group talks, preschool seats made to last generations, and carrels created to keep laptops at a suitable eye level.

They foster technology to promote learning and create conditions where everyone can thrive, with several patents and continuous research. Their QuickShip program, which features an abundance of products that ship in as little as two business days, offers the most enormous variety and quickest lead times available today.

This brand also boasts of its ability to service entire facilities. They offer the products and experience to furnish whole facilities, from tables and seating to cabinets, electronics, and visual communication.

Color, simplicity, comfort, adaptability, movement, visibility, cooperation, and engagement are the 'Mighty 8 Design Principles' that Best-Rite and Moore adhere to.

Color has been proved in scientific research to have measurable effects on how we feel and think. Learning settings, especially for younger students, should be engaging and well-organized. You're more likely to learn if you're relaxed. Physical well-being, as well as emotional and mental readiness, are all factors in comfort. Learning environments must evolve regularly to meet the needs of students. One of the critical ideas of Best-Rite is to accommodate the comfort levels of a wide range of people. Movement is also linked to learning and cognitive retention, according to Rite Research. 

Education encompasses not just the mind but also the body. Furniture that engages the body and brain through gross and fine motor abilities might improve learning habits.

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Why buy Best Rite

  • They are undoubtedly one of the leaders in the school furniture space.
  • Their research-based, scientific approach to designing products is very comforting for those shopping for school furniture.
  • They have the comfort and well-being of students in mind as they create their products.
  • With many patents and ongoing research, they foster technology to boost learning and create settings where everyone can thrive.
  • Best-Rite school furniture is designed to adapt to the changing needs of students in the classroom.
  • They take pride in the quick delivery of their products.
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