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Two guys transformed their chair expertise into an unnamed empire in 1962. For a long time, they covered all parts of the firm in a modest rented site. After more than 55 years, Best Chairs has evolved into Best Home Furnishings, a brand name encompassing the whole product line. Their facilities, which span over 1,100,000 square feet in five sites and employ approximately 1,000 people, have grown to become one of the world's largest furniture producers.

The company's success began with a simple concept: provide the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost. While today's Best Home Furnishings differ from yesterday's Best Chairs, one thing has stayed constant: their dedication to quality and complete client satisfaction. Best's product line has expanded to include hundreds of distinct models, all of which are available in over a thousand different cover options, all of which are created to order in days, not weeks.

They not only assemble their furniture locally, but practically all of their parts are also created in the United States. This is beneficial to dealers, consumers, and communities all around the country. They have distributors in more than 50 locations across the United States, which implies they're helping to keep Americans employed. While the industry practice is to acquire parts from other countries, their goal is to obtain as many as possible from American businesses. They go to great efforts to identify domestic partners who can provide them with everything they want at a reasonable cost.

Because of their locally-sourced mechanics from America's Heartland, these recliners, swivels, and sleepers all work effortlessly. From Kings Mountain, North Carolina, comes one of their most popular textiles. These textiles are not only made entirely in the United States, but they also have the lightest carbon impact of any upholstery material. You may rest assured that their American-made foam is not only exceptionally comfortable but also meets industry flammability standards.

They buy American hardwoods and ship them to Best's Dimension plant in Jasper, Indiana, where they grade, kiln-dry, and cut their frame sections. Every chair, recliner, and couch created by Best Home Furnishings has been made in southern Indiana since 1962. They employ over 850 dedicated, highly trained artisans who take delight in paying close attention to the smallest of details and creating furniture that lives up to its brand. They're happy to create employment that benefits the neighborhood and country as a family-owned business. And when you purchase one of these products, you join that legacy. You're getting more than a piece of furniture when you buy a chair, recliner, or couch. You're making a house into a home, putting together a space, and selecting an heirloom to pass down through the years. Best Home Furnishings understands that no two chairs will be used or appreciated in the same manner. That's why they design furniture that can be customized to meet your needs, style, and space. When you shop at Best, you're helping to support American families and communities.

Best Home Furnishings is dedicated to operating in an ecologically conscious manner. The organization and its workers will work to create new technologies and practices that will help them achieve this aim. They work to minimize, reuse, and recycle production waste, as well as come up with other innovative ways to protect natural resources. Finally, they'll use the company's fundamental philosophy of continual improvement to ensure that they're continuously looking for more environmentally friendly methods to do business.

This company's ecological measures are rather extensive. Other than abiding by strict environmental manufacturing guidelines, they are also strong proponents of recycling and renewable sources of energy. They reduce lead time by utilizing their midwest manufacturing facilities. Best's items are ready to ship as soon as they're finished. Their dealers have the inventory they need, and their customers don't have to wait for their orders, thanks to one of the industry's quickest custom-order turnaround times. Furthermore, by exporting items to retailers all around the world, they proudly contribute to America's GDP. You can find all of their items here at Interiorbeat.

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  • Not only are their products made in the United States but all their components are also sourced within the country as well.
  • This company's ecological measures are rather extensive. Other than abiding by strict environmental manufacturing guidelines, they are also strong proponents of recycling and renewable sources of energy.
  • They have a remarkable reputation in the field that includes almost 60 years of recorded history.
  • Their products have a lot of followers and fans.
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