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Bauhaus has been creating stylish upholstered furniture at an affordable price since 1988. All Bauhaus upholstered products are made in two Mississippi facilities totaling over 430,000 square feet, employing 500 Mississippians who take care of every aspect of the constructing and shipping process.

Bauhaus has been providing wonderful-looking upholstered furniture at a competitive price for over 25 years. Quality, comfort, and elegance from Bauhaus will help you build a home you'll enjoy. Transitional, Casual, and Contemporary styles are all represented in their furniture. Its customers may choose from a wide range of couches, sectionals, occasional chairs, and much more, and they are able to satisfy all of your requirements while maintaining a high level of quality and affordability.

Bauhaus has six leading product lines at the moment: Classic, Premium, Luxury, Special Collections, Simple Collections, and Slip Covers. Traditional ideas are established and timeless in the classic design. The excellent cushion cores of these sofas are made of 1.8 pounds of virgin foam density, ensuring a traditionally firm seat. All classic couch designs include two accent pillows, 100 percent feather-filled and covered in a 100 percent cotton down-resistant casing. Over 300 fabrics are available for the classic series of couches, giving you fantastic versatility in your home. These sofas' traditional lines and angles complement a conventional living room motif very well.

Their Premium Line, on the other hand, is a line that makes no concessions. This line is suitable for you if you have an unlimited budget and don't mind paying more for your upholstered furniture with Bauhaus. This range has items that are large in scale and have a premium feel to them right away. Individually pocketed core springs are enclosed in excellent foam in the cushion cores, providing a supportive, comfortable, and contoured seat that adjusts to your every move.

With Bauhaus's Luxury collection, you can go all out. These couches are at the top of their price range. The sofas are enormous in size and provide excellent seating. These couches are available in lengths ranging from 90 to 100 inches, with a minimum depth of 42 inches, and are designed to draw the most attention to your living area. The soft downmix seat cushion is made out of 5-inch thick high-density foams that provide optimal comfort for you, your loved ones, and your guests. Four pillows are included in every Luxury Sofa design and with this series, you may also pick from 300 different textiles.

Bauhaus takes pride in its ability to keep up with the latest furniture trends. Every new design they introduce season after season, year after year, is crafted by a team of qualified designers and interior professionals. This firm is said to have a well-guarded, exclusive group of designers that is difficult to break into. As a result, all Bauhaus items have gorgeous designs with an unmistakable emphasis on modern accents and, of course, uniqueness. If you want your upholstered items in your living room to be quite different from products that are quite already mainstream, then Bauhaus is the right choice for you.

Bauhaus is also the proud employer of a slew of contented employees. They have received excellent ratings from their employees, who seem to adore the way they run things. This entity clearly takes care of its people. This firm is also involved in a variety of charitable endeavors in the communities where it operates. They have been noted as regular benefactors to a variety of charity causes.

Bauhaus employs more than 500 people and makes all of its products in the nation. Their manufacturing operations provide a solid 40 million dollars in annual income.

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Why buy Bauhaus Furniture

  • For almost 25 years, Bauhaus has produced beautiful upholstered furniture at a reasonable price.
  • Bauhaus' quality, comfort, and elegance will help you create a home you'll love.
  • At Bauhaus, you may choose from a large selection of sofas, sectionals, occasional chairs, and much more.
  • Bauhaus prides itself on being able to stay up with the most recent furniture trends. A team of expert designers and interior specialists creates each new design they present.
  • Bauhaus is recognized for caring for its employees while participating in charitable endeavors.
  • If you want your upholstered items to be quite different from products that are quite already mainstream, then Bauhaus is the right choice for you.
  • All their products are made in the United States.