When it comes to learning environments, furniture is more than pieces of wood and metal. Studies show that the quality of school furnishings directly impacts children’s capacity and willingness to study. This is a reality Balt has understood through the years.

Balt is a legacy brand under MooreCo Inc., one of the instructional and commercial industry leaders for visual interaction product lines, technology-centered equipment, and other office furniture in Texas. MooreCo Inc. has a good record for performance and durability thanks to state-of-the-art technology, highly trained workers, and a long track record of successfully delivering on its promises. Balt office furniture appears popular with customers because of its low prices, high-quality offerings, and unique designs. The company’s furniture line for business and educational settings continues to be inventive and cost-efficient, from their conference seats to individualized school desks and printer stands.

Lorraine Moore, like many great business owners, faced a challenge and produced a remedy. Lorraine felt dissatisfied by the absence of furniture alternatives for a then-growing printer industry while working in school furnishings sales in a tiny Texas town in the early 1980s. Her firm, Balt, was founded after designing and developing the world's first printer stand on casters.

Balt quickly rose to prominence as the country's leading designer and maker of printer platforms for leading printer vendors. Lorraine persisted in developing herself, aiming to release up to ten new ideas annually, motivated by a goal to produce items that met a need of many of her clients. As the firm evolved, Balt became renowned as a reliable provider of creative and durable goods for the computer, office equipment, and school furnishings industries. Lorraine Moore committed to approaching business differently more than 30 years ago, transforming insights into innovations and reinventing the venues where we learn and work.

The Balt Training and Seminar Tables, which are not your typical folding tables, are one of their most well-known items today. The brand is famous for its one-of-a-kind flip-top tables that fold and nest for easy storage. These seminar training tables come in a variety of forms and finishes, making them suitable for creating a sophisticated meeting or training room. You can also check out their foldable tables with modesty screens or anti-microbial treatments to keep your business healthy. Balt training tables and seminar tables are sturdy, affordable, and practical with their simple storage and nesting features.

Lorraine was devoted to her cause, and her son Greg pursued her footsteps from the start. He initially worked as a child model in the business's advertisements, then as an industrial worker mastering every aspect of the design and production process. Like many of his age, Greg was educated in a conventional manner that prioritized organization, memory, and obedience while dismissing creativity entirely. Greg, who would later be diagnosed with ADD as an adult, was inevitably suffocated by it.

As the firm's CEO, who, by the way, renamed the company into MooreCo in 2007, Greg's interest became introducing solutions that encourage inclusivity and assist all learners in their growth process. MooreCo, under Greg's direction, launched in a new age of inventive goods that allowed everybody to succeed, regardless of their style of learning.

Balt's enthusiasm for thinking and producing innovative solutions that excite children and adults has not altered in the last four decades. They're devoted to developing collaborative solutions that allow everyone to live, prosper, and grow as research continues to demonstrate the influence settings have on learning. "Make it your own." It's one of their guiding principles. It should constantly feel that your exact demands are being satisfied, from design to actual user experience. As a family business, its mission, beliefs, and vision are inextricably linked to and influenced by its fascinating story.

Mooreco, Inc. is a company based in Temple, Texas, where it employs over 140 people and earns an impressive $64 million in annual revenue. Mooreco, Inc. is made up of four different brands besides Balt.

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  • Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, highly qualified staff, and a lengthy track record of successfully delivering on its promises, this firm has an excellent reputation for performance and durability.
  • They've been in operation for almost 40 years, showing unquestioned expertise.
  • Balt established a reputation as a dependable supplier of innovative and long-lasting products for the computer, office equipment, and school furniture industries. If you're looking for such items, this is the right place.
  • Balt's merchandise is appreciated by its customers for being both distinctive and practical, as well as being durable enough to last generations.
  • Balt’s products are designed and manufactured entirely in the United States.
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