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Azar Displays is a proudly American maker of high-quality displays and imaginative design solutions for sales and commercial applications. With its unique designs and outstanding craftsmanship, they have been a market frontrunner in point-of-purchase displays since 1975. They create high-quality products and creative solutions for your retail and marketing needs.

They possess the knowledge, capability, and logistics to handle drop shipping, roll-outs, unique packaging, and more, with over 250,000 square feet of warehouse and manufacturing space. Pegboard display systems, injection-molded trays, bins and buckets, sign holders, brochure holders, lottery boxes, and many other items are available in stock. Azar Displays is happy to produce custom acrylic display systems to meet any of your individual company demands in addition to their in-stock options. They take pride in on-time delivery and complete client satisfaction. They promise to go above and above to ensure a great customer experience.

Their products are made in the United States at their Kingston, Pennsylvania factory. This massive manufacturing facility has made them capable of providing solutions for organizations of all sizes. They even handle sophisticated logistics for national clients such as Merck, Meijer, and others.

Azar Displays incorporates recycling and waste management into every step of their manufacturing process to increase productivity and minimize their overall carbon footprint.

They claim that every injection molded process reuses at least 10% of waste material from previous production runs. This process reduces the total amount of plastic resin generated and significantly minimizes the amount of plastic waste that would otherwise wind up in landfills. On tinted and colored product production runs, they can utilize up to 80% recycled materials to manufacture new things. This is particularly visible in their opaque colored pegboards, manufactured with less than a 4% waste ratio per 1,000 pieces. All acrylic scrap runoff, pure acrylic suctioned dust, and LDPE mask film is recycled and utilized in their sign holder production facility. To make tinted acrylic components, they dissolve and mix acrylic debris with color concentrate. LDPE film is bailed and delivered to plastic recycling facilities. They clearly care about the environment and are committed to making the world a greener place.

Their best-selling item is the Four-Sided Revolving Pegboard Counter Display, a must-have for most store counters. For most business owners, impulse purchases at the cash register are critical to increasing and maximizing sales. Boost your bottom line by presenting your products on this fantastic display, ease customer accessibility, and visual attractiveness. This four-sided spinning counter pegboard display is mounted on a revolving plastic base. It is sure to attract your clients' attention by displaying products at eye level. The spinner display is easy to put together. Add hooks, bins, buckets, or trays, then load your merchandise, and you're ready to sell. This compact display is suitable for use on any counter or tabletop in department and convenience shops, trade fair booths, or any retail setting. It is also easy to clean and keep in good condition. Moreover, one can also choose his favorite color from the various pegboard panel colors available. Again, this is a must-have for any retail business owner!

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  • Azar Display is a global leader in display manufacturing. If you're a retailer or shop-owner of some sort, you'll probably need many of their offerings.
  • They are incredibly focused on their niche, which means they innovated and perfected this process to provide you with only quality products should you need them.
  • Their products are sourced, made, and assembled in the US.
  • They have established themselves as a reputable supplier in this niche, with over 40 years of experience.
  • They have a massive warehouse, and they have most if not all items in stock, which means you're free from shipping issues and backorders.
  • Azar Displays also produces custom acrylic display systems to meet any of your individual company’s needs.
  • They go through elaborate and incredible lengths in their recycling program.
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