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Aurora Furniture, part of the Aurora Group of Companies, specializes in exquisite oriental furniture and office supplies. Their lovely product line is only a reflection of their exciting company history.

In 1965, the Aurora Group was founded in Taiwan. The Chinese term Aurora means "dawn's light," whereas the English name Aurora means "the sun rising from the east." Both indicate force and energy, as well as light and hope. Aurora Group originated by providing office time clocks, and its business categories now include Office Automation systems, Office furniture, Communications, 3D printers, Office Cloud Services, and a handful of electronics. It has grown to be one of the top brands in the Office Automation business in the Chinese-speaking market as a result of its efforts.

This company's goal is to provide the perfect working environment. Aurora delivers complete service to clients with more than 50 years of practical expertise and over 1,500 direct and distribution channels in Taiwan and China. They've also managed to open five business centers in Taiwan throughout the years. Nonetheless, these items can be found right here at Interiorbeat.

Aurora has worked hard in China over the years to build its own brand of office equipment, furniture, and electronics, establishing itself as the industry leader via professional, quick, and friendly service approaches. Aurora furniture has executed its strategy of merging manufacturing and sales by constructing six critical locations in Aurora Jiading Park in order to increase local market demand. It's also the only office furniture firm in the country with its own steel, woodworking, and chair manufacturing facilities. Their service area encompasses the whole country, allowing it to rapidly satisfy your office's demands while ensuring a secure transaction and reliable items.

This business is incredibly proud of its cutting-edge product design. Their very own design center is dedicated to being ahead of any innovation, and they claim each product has an interesting backstory. This firm is recognized for supplying not just hardware but also software and hardware integration solutions to assist clients in increasing office productivity and lowering document output costs. The organization also boasts of its commitment to delivering a user-friendly workplace environment for its consumers in order to improve office life.

The Aurora Group aims to attain industry leadership through its sensitive operations and refined services and has received various accolades and medals throughout the years. Arora has received awards in China like the "Recognized Chinese Brand," "Hi-Tech Pioneer Enterprise," and "Top 10 Efficient Companies in National Furniture Manufacturing." Aurora's furniture has also received other honors, including the German iF Design Award, the American IDEA International Design Excellence Award, the Red Star Award, and the Red Cotton Award, among others. This demonstrates that the organization's dedication to excellence isn't just rhetoric; they have the awards to prove it.

They are passionate about public welfare and cultural causes, and they have been active in corporate social responsibility for years, including the preservation of old relics, material donations, and different educational and charitable activities, in addition to providing emergency help when needed.

The Aurora Monthly, for example, was founded in 1971 to encourage people to read. The journal has been published continuously for 43 years in the interest of public welfare. The Aurora Group has committed itself throughout the years to passing on and fostering the culture of old Chinese cultural artifacts. The Aurora Museum was founded in 2003 with the objective of supporting archeological research. In 2010, Aurora took part in the World Expo Shanghai under the subject "New City Styles Interpreted by Chinese Jade Culture," becoming the first Taiwanese company to construct a pavilion for the exposition's 160th anniversary. The pavilion introduced the globe to China's 8,000-year-old jade tradition. In 2012, Tadao Ando, an international master architect, was commissioned to construct the Aurora Museum in Shanghai, which is known as a blue historical treasure chest on the Huangpu River's banks. Together with its enormous groups of satisfied customers, Aurora develops a satisfying work and life and never forgets to give back to the community!

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  • Aurora Furniture is a well-rounded entity specializing in exquisite oriental furniture and office supplies.
  • It has become the top brand in the Office Automation business due to its efforts.
  • They have more than 50 years of manufacturing experience.
  • This company is exceptionally proud of its cutting-edge product design. Their design center is dedicated to staying ahead of innovation, and each product has an interesting backstory.
  • The company's corporate social responsibility measures are remarkable.