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Atlantic Furniture produces, develops, and imports solid hardwood furnishings and mattresses with over 30 years of expertise in the business. They work hard to uphold a strong dedication to craftsmanship, safety, and the planet, and they create each of the products to be long-lasting. Their integrated collections cater to a wide range of today's lifestyles, providing each client's home with timeless beauty and lasting value.

They are happy to provide high-quality items to people all around the world. This is accomplished by maintaining partnerships with online and offline stores, which are bolstered by the excellent customer service they provide to partners and customers. You can find Atlantic Furniture products here at Ineriorbeat. Their products are all developed by Mark Valone, its creator, and they benefit from his decades of expertise. Partners throughout the world, each specialized in a particular aspect of furniture manufacture, turn his ideas and designs into functioning furniture. All items are then returned to Atlantic Furniture's Deerfield, Massachusetts warehouse, where they are rigorously examined for quality control before being sent to your home.

Their five-step, high-build finishing process results in a great item that is both water and scratch-resistant. All of their items have been independently tested to guarantee that they are lead-free and child-safe and that they meet, if not exceed, regulatory safety laws. They are devoted to sustainability and environmental responsibility via the creation of eco-friendly furniture as members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. The finishing procedure starts with a careful sanding of each element, followed by administering a wiping filler to seal the wood pores microscopically. This filler is hand-rubbed into the furniture's surface, and once it has cured, a wood stain is added to smooth out the grain and change the color of the wood. A faintly colored primary sealer is incorporated into the external surface of the wood to continue the process of developing the protective covering. After curing, the surface is polished using a fine abrasive. A secondary sealer is applied, resulting in smooth surfaces and a consistent wood tone, followed by a final topcoat.

Look no farther than Atlantic Furniture's Hardwood Collections to help you remodel your house. Choosing the desired color palette is one of the most significant suggestions for redesigning your property. First, you might take traditional living room inspiration from nature by using natural walnut or burned amber. Do you have a limited amount of room to work with? Consider minimalism to create the illusion of a larger space. You may employ a variety of white, whitewashed, and driftwood gray finishes transitioning your home to cool tones and making it more practical and spacious. Atlantic has all of these colors in stock. Multifunctional design is one of the most crucial interior design ideas for 2020. With more people working from home and spending less time outside, having a multipurpose area is more critical than ever. To conserve room and enhance your living environment, look into the Atlantic Murphy Bed Chest. Convert a bed into a chest in a flash to save space! And, if you want to take your multipurpose area to the next level, avoid a tangle of wires and power strips. With the Atlantic AC/USB Charging Occasional Tables, say hello to a well-organized and elegant charging alternative. This side table design is the ideal answer for simplicity and modern design, with two high-efficiency USB charging connections and two 110-volt power outlets. Evidently, Atlantic knows the current needs of people.

Their designs are built on the foundation of safety. Exclusive safety measures are included in all Atlantic furniture products, increasing strength and longevity while lowering the danger of an accident. They're delighted to employ solid hardwood structure and steel reinforcing to maximize product longevity and customer happiness. Atlantic Furniture is happy to use plantation-grown hardwood to produce its goods. The majority of their furniture is made from the Pará rubber tree, often known as rubberwood or Hevea. Farm-grown mahogany, white birch, and Italian poplar are also used. Utilizing various kinds of hardwood is both cost-effective and ecologically friendly.

Atlantic Furniture, Incorporated is based in South Deerfield, Massachusetts. This company employs 50 people across all of its stores and has a revenue of $20 million annually. Through philanthropic contributions and services, Atlantic Furniture is also happy to assist its local community.

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  • With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Atlantic Furniture manufactures, develops, and imports solid hardwood furniture and mattresses.
  • They work hard to maintain a solid commitment to artistry, safety, and the environment, and they make each product endure.
  • Their integrated collections appeal to a broad spectrum of today's lifestyles, delivering timeless beauty and enduring value to each client's house.
  • Before being delivered to your home, all things are thoroughly inspected for quality.
  • Their five-step high-build finishing process yields a fantastic product that is both water and scratch-resistant.
  • Atlantic Furniture is also glad to help its local community through philanthropic contributions and services.
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