Artistic, which was founded by Jim Mitchell more than half a century ago, immediately established itself as a proven pioneer in the design and production of unique, high-quality furniture, a position it still retains today. Jim migrated to the Midlands in the mid-1930s from the Scottish furniture town of Beith in Ayrshire. He was a skilled designer who had learned his craft under the watchful supervision of his father, a well-known cabinetmaker, and designer. Jim relocated to Nottingham, where he quickly found work in the furniture industry. Initially, as a freelance designer, he then established his own company to manufacture furniture based on his own ideas.

The Mitchell family business, now in its third generation of ownership and management, is devoted to upholding the fundamental principles of excellence in design and quality manufacture established in those early years.  Building on its history, the firm has continued to adapt to a changing market, establishing itself as one of the world's top manufacturers of ready-made and bespoke upholstery.

In 1998, the Worshipful Firm of Furniture Makers granted the company the prestigious Manufacturing Guild Mark in honor of its high-quality production and manufacturing. Artistic Cabinets was founded in 1989 and later renamed Iain James Furniture. Its name is derived from Jim's two grandchildren, Iain and James, who manage and design the company.

The bulk of trims offered to furniture producers come from conventional manufacturing runs, and the industry guideline is to choose "the closest match." In the year 2000, an in-house studio was established in order to attain absolute excellence. They develop and make striking trims and decorations using conventional handlooms to complement or coordinate any cloth under the name Renaissance Studio. 

Many furniture firms now utilize modern 'line and track' systems, and as a result, traditional marking abilities are dwindling. They, on the other hand, have passed down these abilities from generation to generation. They also acknowledge that not every piece of furniture requires the same level of care and attention and that many modern designs thrive from a more specialized and scientific approach to manufacturing.

Regardless of style, each item is constructed with the same care and attention to detail. The regions beneath the fabric or leather, as well as the manner the substrate has been treated before the final coating, are places where quality is measured. The bulk of their fundamental frames is made of durable hardwoods that are bonded, bolted, and dowelled. Solid blocks are used in vulnerable places like corners for added strength and to sustain years of everyday use. On the other hand, some ornate frames require more care and attention; legs, in particular, are at risk, but if properly cared for, they may last a lifetime.

Highly trained cutters hand cut and pattern match fabrics, and welts are either paired or bias-cut according to the chosen material and design before being overlocked and sewed together by a team of machinists who meticulously pick the proper tensions and threads for the type of cloth being used. Upholsterers then shape the textiles over layers of fillings, hessian felt, high-density foams, and fibers to create one-of-a-kind handcrafted couches and chairs. All exterior joints, including the valance and bullion fringe, are hand-stitched.

They work with a variety of textiles, including exquisite silks, which are frequently selected for light or ornamental purposes. They will customize your furnishings to the same high level regardless of the application or use. Standard mesh rollers on steel laths are used in most designs, with thicker gauge springs used in high-use areas to maintain form. Beautifully hand-tied double-cone springs sewn to jute webbing are used in certain ornamental chairs and couches. In contrast, serpentine springs are used in others to provide support and comfort. Evidently, this is a company serious about its manufacturing standards.

With over 1000 workers and over $30 million in yearly revenue, Artistic is a hugely successful company.

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  • Artistic is one of the most notable high-end furniture brands.
  • They have a combined experience of more than 50 years in the sector.
  • Building on its heritage, the company has continued to adapt to a changing market, and its product line appears to include trendy items.
  • They design and create stunning trimmings and embellishments on traditional handlooms to complement or harmonize any fabric.
  • Each piece is made with the same care and attention to detail, regardless of style.
  • Their production standards are unrivaled, and they are adamant about not taking shortcuts.