Arozzi is a Swedish company that creates computer and gaming peripherals. They don't believe you should suffer due to working or playing hard for lengthy periods. They're always asking themselves, 'What if?' to make those long hours simpler, more economical, and more efficient.

While video gaming and working used to be completely opposite pursuits, we can't dispute that they've become increasingly intertwined in recent years. Some individuals make a living by playing video games. And many people are familiar with the discomfort that poor gaming furniture may cause. Arozzi is a corporation that determined this would be its specialization and was enthusiastically received by the market.

The Arozzi Pro Gaming Gear brand was created in Sweden and is located there. They represent enthusiasm, practicality, and the quest for perfection in their products, which are designed to make extended hours of gaming ergonomically comfortable, inexpensive, and of course, stylish.

Arozzi,  founded in 2013, is a brand that focuses on ergonomic seats and other productivity-enhancing devices for gamers, high-performance PC users, developers, and others.   Arozzi gaming chairs have an ergonomic design with high comfort levels and a sophisticated look inspired by championship racing, allowing extended hours of gaming or work to be done comfortably and stylishly.

Gaming chairs have been increasingly popular in recent years, and Arozzi has a unique take on the matter. Vernazza is their new top-of-the-line model, which incorporates all of Arozzi's latest design advances. The Vernazza has a higher seatback and broader chair and quality casters for added mobility and long-term comfort. It comes with a vast, sculpted foam head cushion and a lumbar pillow, which are user adjustable. Armrests may be adjusted in three dimensions: up, down, left, right, front and back, and chair tilt and recline can be locked in predetermined positions. Vernazza, of course, is as elegant as it is functional, with six color options and silky pleather upholstery. It also has soft, sumptuous leather upholstery atop a lightweight aluminum frame with high-density, cold-molded foam.  It also has numerous user height adjustments, six-way adjustable armrests, and 180-degree reclining capability! This item is excellent for both executives and professional gamers who refuse to compromise. It can also withstand a weight of up to 360 pounds.

Their up-and-coming item is also noteworthy with its very unique features. The Arozzi Occhio RL webcam has a ring light and unique capabilities that allow you to have complete privacy. It's all you'll ever need for meetings and game streaming sessions, with superb video quality and illumination rolled into one. Many other webcams have a mute option built into the software, leaving them subject to hacking. Occhio cleverly added a physical microphone circuit breaker, allowing for complete privacy. And these days, privacy is something to be taken seriously.

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  • This brand has positioned itself to be an authority in the gaming furniture space.
  • If you are a professional gamer, software developer, programmer, Arozzi has you in mind when designing their products.
  • Their lineup of gaming chairs has been championed by many famous streamers and celebrities, and there is a huge following for this brand.
  • Their products are made to make long hours of gaming ergonomically comfortable, affordable, and, of course, fashionable.
  • Their new webcams come with a physical microphone circuit breaker, giving you added security against hackers.
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