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Amer is a corporation in the networking, storage, and security distribution and manufacturing industry. Their vision is very straightforward: to provide the most incredible goods possible in order to enhance not only your workflow's efficiency, but with stellar ergonomic design, your proper posture too. They claim to delight in producing high-quality goods at very reasonable prices.

Overall, Amer is selling in eight major product lines, namely, articulating arms, workstations, mobile carts, projector mounts, wall mounts, clamp bases, stand bases, and accessories. Since they founded the company in 1997, they've built a reputation as a source of solid hardware supported by the most extensive support and suitable customer warranties in the industry. The application of their products transcends home and business too.

The Single and Multiple Articulated Monitor Mounts, which are quick and easy mounting options for your display needs, are some of their most well-known items. These mounts let you build more ergonomic and functional workplaces, pick from a variety of bases and attachment choices, and transition between single and multiple monitor configurations with ease. These Articulated LCD Monitor arms offer optimal viewing angles, while the Dual Interactive components may be used with monitors, displays and keyboards, or monitors and notebooks. It helps you to work a lot more efficiently by freeing up important desk space and allowing you to dynamically rotate and pivot screens while working on various projects or sharing your display with others. You may turn your monitors on the fly or mount them horizontally or vertically. On request, custom wall arrangements or monitor solutions larger than 27" are also available.

Amer's medical application product range is equally excellent. For example, the Healthcare Wall Mounted Monitor Arms and Workstations are product solutions that provide simple cooperation and great flexibility in both function and convenience of use in clinics and hospitals. A mobile computer or television display cart gives you a lot of options. You may quickly move your display to where you need it. The AMRM6 portable computer or Television Display Cart offers you a lot of options when it comes to presenting. Your TV or computer display will no longer be stuck in one place; you can easily move it to where you need it. For added convenience, a device tray and storage bin are incorporated. This system has a touch lift that allows you to raise the display to your chosen presentation height or to help you navigate around doorways and other obstructions. For individuals who require a motorized lift, the AMRM6E1 variant is also offered.

Above and beyond all of their product lines, the EZriser30 - a Sit-Stand Riser Desk Workstation with Keyboard Tray - undoubtedly stands out. This is a unique product that is rarely found on the market. It has a gas spring for smooth and rapid transitions, eco-friendly particleboard with sturdy construction, step-less height settings for free height adjustment, a preset hole for grommet installation, and non-skid silicone pads to protect the work surface from scratches and scuffs. You may work sitting or standing all day with this adjustable height standing desk workstation. Simply grasp the side handles to go from sitting to standing quickly. Laptops, notebooks, and tablets will all benefit from this accessory. It fits most office or cubicle workstations, and the ergonomic design adapts to the height of most users. Workplace stiff backs and necks are a thing of the past!

Amer Mounts' reseller network has grown over the years, and they are expanding their creative, value-packed product range into the SOHO/SME market as a result of this success. Wherever people connect, these devices will continue to boost efficiency and productivity. Check out everything they offer right here at Interiorbeat!

Amer Mounts has over 50 employees across its locations, and the company makes well over 5 million dollars a year.

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  • Their products are built to enhance not only your workflow's efficiency but, with stellar ergonomic design, your proper posture too.
  • Since their debut in 1997, they've built a reputation as a source of solid hardware supported by the most extensive support and suitable customer warranties in the industry.
  • The application of their products transcends home and business. You can find their products used in many establishments and offices.
  • They have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience.