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This company aims to provide you top quality office furniture that is well designed, functional, practical, and compatible with your office atmosphere.

Alba began operations in 1958 after acquiring Albert, a stationery supplier. Alba eventually expanded into a distributor of all types of office equipment. This is quite a one-of-a-kind firm with a single goal over the past 60 years: to encourage and build a positive work environment for you. They have generated exclusive models that express the company's identity and suit the needs of professionals everywhere. 

Alba wants to be regarded as a creator of beautiful office spaces. Their teams created on-trend, simple-to-use solutions for a professional atmosphere. Their goal is to establish a unified and welcoming work atmosphere. Alba asserts its professionalism and experience. 

Alba's improvement has continued, as it designed quick, easy, and tool-free assembly to simplify its products' assembly systems as much as possible. Almost all Alba products can now be put together in under five minutes. Alba emphasizes that each product is provided in environmentally friendly packaging made of recycled and recyclable materials to reduce its carbon footprint.

Alba's strength as one of the leading players in the industry comes from five fundamental pillars: design, innovation, expertise, ethics, and strategy. These are the concepts that the company's DNA is believed to be governed by.

A product's success is always founded on an idea, a sketch, and a thorough understanding of customers and how they utilize it. Their designers build a pleasant and comfortable working environment by conceiving, testing, and developing items with the future of workspaces in mind. Alba designs are known for their distinctive aesthetics, one-of-a-kind items, and well-balanced collections that allow customers to work in extremely pleasant surroundings. They provide a creative spectrum that meets consumers’ objective: the search for fulfilling work life.

One of their flagship products to date is the Alba Festival Coat Stand. It is a very unique and trendy coat hanger that will surely light up any living room. If you're a great party host, you'll get a lot of praises for this thoughtfully designed item. Steel tubes with a silver powder coat finish and five wooden pegs make up this piece. The pegs' rounded tips are soft on clothing, coats, purses, bags, hats, and other delicate items. It also has an umbrella holder which can hold up to 6 umbrellas and a removable water retainer that can be simply emptied and cleaned. For increased stability, it's supported by a weighted metallic base.

With 60 years of combined experience, their efforts are focused on one goal: providing high-quality products that satisfy customers. They have amassed unrivaled expertise in the industry, ensuring that they are always updated on modern manufacturing processes, efficient logistics, and optimized workflow management to meet today's demands. They have a unique perspective that allowed them to be an industry leader in office furniture and supplies.

Alba is a family-owned business that values transparency. They promise to put clients at the heart of their business to give them top-notch service. They righteously take pride in the fact that the organization has always been conscious of its ethical duties. Their goal is to reduce energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions as much as possible to reduce the environmental effect. They are also dedicated to protecting international labor rights and standards and supporting a variety of local initiatives.

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Why buy Alba Furniture

  • They have decades of ample experience in the space, which often translates to good quality products.
  • They put emphasis on easy-to-assemble products, which is very crucial in today's market. Most of their offerings only take 5 minutes to assemble.
  • They specialize in trendy, simple-to-use solutions for a professional atmosphere in your office.
  • Alba is a family-owned business that values transparency.
  • Their efforts to preserve the environment are commendable, employing various steps to minimize the carbon footprints of their processes.
  • They are also dedicated to protecting international labor rights and standards and supporting a variety of local initiatives.
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