AK Racing is a leading gaming chair manufacturer around the globe, delivering the best sports and gaming seats on the market today. Thanks to their attention on ergonomics, design, and utility, AK Racing gaming seats have swiftly become the smart choice across the eSports scene.

Since its inception in 2001, when its only priority was the assembly of race car seats, this brand has gone a long way. AK Seat was the previous name for the AKRacing brand. Fast forward to 2008, and they've expanded their product line to include luxury, ergonomic gaming, and office seats and equipment.

AKRacing presently has distributors worldwide, including the United States, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Tahiti, and Europe. The fact that AKRacing does all of its own design, R&D, product development, testing, and quality control sets them apart from its competition. It's also been mentioned that they have a high degree of consistency for their products because they produce every single item. This means they don't have to rely on other suppliers for these components, allowing them to maintain uniform quality across their items.

The AKRacing brand was founded in Taiwan in 2001, with the primary goal of producing racing and racing simulator seats. They took their core product to global markets two years later. In 2005, a major racing car manufacturer awarded AK Seat a big contract to construct racing seats for their race cars.

The corporation further developed the AKRacing brand. The company expanded into the furniture industry, providing racing-style office and gamer seats based on the original concept of the AK Seat Racing Car. They then expanded to the Australian markets in 2015, and soon after, they teamed up with well-known gaming brand Logitech to create personalized chairs.

AKRacing was a finalist for the Australian Games Awards 2018 in "Controller and Accessories Brand of the Year" in December of 2018. The company now sells its chairs in three distinct materials, spread throughout nine different chair series, totaling over 45 different chairs.

Their Masters Series Chairs are something that both kids and adults would lust after. This chair, designed for the big and tall, combines AKRacing's best-selling designs with XL parts. It has a larger frame, an updated mechanism that can support up to 400 pounds, and a "Rock It and Lock It" mechanism that allows you to lock the chair at any preferred tilt angle. Max has top-quality pleather upholstery, an all-metal frame, 55 kg/m3 cold-cure foam cushioning, and adjustable headrest and lumbar support cushions for maximum comfort. All of this is supported by a five-star aluminum base and steel frame. The Indigo color choice is exceptionally stunning

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  • They manufacture some of the most premium-looking lines of gaming chairs and related products today.
  • They have been in business since 2001, first in automotive sports and later extending into gaming and office furniture. This makes for a uniquely designed collection that is particularly attractive to sporty customers.
  • AKRacing has always run its own manufacturing facility and they never engaged in OEM.
  • AKRacing handles all of its own design, product development, testing, and quality control in-house, giving them complete control over the user experience in a way that few other businesses can or will.
  • Their links with major eSports teams have given them a leg up on the competition when it comes to addressing worldwide gamers' durability and comfort needs.
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