The objective of Adesso is to make high-quality design available to everyone, not just a select few. Lee Schaak, who oversees the design team, and Peggy Traub, a former Bloomingdale designer, launched Adesso in 1994. The company name means "Now" in Italian. Adesso is based in New York City, the undisputed United States' design capital. Fresh, contemporary, and economical lighting and furnishings are some of Adesso's strengths. This company is a design-driven corporation with a well-established global presence. They produce innovative designs and incorporate cutting-edge technology into their lighting and furniture while maintaining exceptional pricing.

When it comes to innovation, Adesso claims to be a market leader. AdessoCharge, for example, is a line of wireless charging lights, although they claim to have pioneered charging port lamps by including USB ports in their lamps as early as 2006. They feature a cutting-edge LED collection that is unrivaled in the market. In fact, back in 2003, Adesso was the first company in the US lighting business to release a portable LED product. 

Because the company feels that the shade is an essential aspect of a table or floor lamp, they take great satisfaction in the distinctive elegance of their lampshade textiles. Their unique hues set the Adesso lighting experience apart from the others. The company only employs high-quality, long-lasting materials, and they work with attractive fabrics whether the light is switched on or off.

The Bali Table Lamp is one of their newest offerings, with a tropical style inspired by the paradise it is named after. This table lamp will provide natural richness and charm to any area. It may be utilized as a natural counterpoint to a contemporary place or add a bit of maritime flair to cottage d├ęcor. The organic rattan base is 7.75 inches in diameter and 9 inches in height. A tall pristine off-white drum cover with natural texture sits atop the lamp, softly dispersing the light from a 60W bulb. Use this lamp alone to light up your space, or match it with the taller version to complete your look.

The Gilmour Nesting Tables, a novel twist on living room furniture, are also in their roster of up-and-coming products. This set of two nested tables will add modern flair to your living room, bedroom, or home office. Both in terms of design and quality, these tables are a great match. The bigger table features a walnut-finished wood veneer top with a distinctive design that adds exquisite curves, while the smaller circular table features a black-finished oak veneer top. The tripod rubberwood legs on both tables are black. These tables may be used together or individually and have heights of 15.625 inches and 19.625 inches, making them a flexible addition that is excellent for modest settings.

Always on the cutting edge of technology and trends, they've incorporated health and wellness into their lighting by designing a sleek, smart switch that can modify the color calibration of your lamp to align with your circadian rhythm. Adesso does this without sacrificing style or charging exorbitant prices. They understand how sleep is essential to you and how a good lamp can impact that. 

Adesso's success stems from its ability to bring great design to the public via innovation, modern artistry, and high-quality products. The company's distribution network is quite diverse, including mass merchants, upmarket stores, and online clients. You can browse their extensive collection right here at Interiorbeat. Adesso is also a unique mass lighting distributor with an industry-leading product portfolio for independent upmarket shops, furnishing stores, and contract/design sectors, unlike the typical large box suppliers.

The corporation believes that its one-of-a-kind, two-pronged strategy offered them the most competitive advantage. Their various "data contact points" with the industry and consumers give them in-depth market analysis and plans to effectively boost sales and profits, which they and, ultimately, their customers benefit from. With its vast and global expertise in the marketplace, retailer, and customer, Adesso is able to stay a leader in the business. They represent a long history of developing high-volume, one-of-a-kind innovations and collaborating with consumers to continually innovate and establish standards.

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  • While retaining outstanding prices, this brand creates creative designs and blends cutting-edge technology into its lighting and furnishings.
  • They provide a cutting-edge LED assortment that is unmatched in the industry. Adesso was the first startup in the US lighting industry to introduce a portable LED device in 2003.
  • Because the company considers the shade to be an essential part of a table or floor lamp, they take pride in the specific beauty of their lampshade fabrics.
  • Whether the light is on or off, the company exclusively uses high-quality, long-lasting materials and works with appealing textiles.
  • Always on the bleeding edge of technology and trends, they've blended health and wellness into their lighting by creating a sleek, smart switch that can adjust your lamp's color calibration to match your circadian rhythm.
  • This company has over 20 years of manufacturing experience.