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Abba Patio is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing premium and luxurious gardening products that transform the backyard of your dreams into a beautiful reality. The company is based in Michigan, United States, and holds a store that is located on Telegraph Road, Bingham Farms.

With a comprehensive line of products, Abba Patio has every piece of furniture you could possibly need to give your patio the feel of timeless luxury and unparalleled comfort. In the range of umbrellas, they have market umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas, and beach umbrellas which provide the perfect shade against the hot summer sun. Abba Patio makes carports that are sturdy and heavy-duty, guarding your vehicles and providing protection against all the elements on earth, including the sun, wind, dust, and rain. They also make canopies and other storage shelters. When it comes to gazebos and hammocks, Abba Patio has a beautiful range of products that offer good airflow, plenty of shade, and even mosquito nettings to ensure you and your loved ones stay protected during your time spent outdoors. 

For those bitterly cold winter months, the company produces outdoor heating such as patio heaters and fire pits that are sure to keep you warm and cozy no matter how chilly the weather is. Additionally, they manufacture garden accessories such as firewood log toters, anchors, and even garden fencing and resin edgings that can take care of all of your garden's needs. To enhance the true beauty of your backyard, you can find chaise lounges and hanging swings available for your porch. There is also a line of furniture manufactured by Abba Patio that includes end tables, side tables, computer workstations, and bookshelves distinguished for their elegance. The waterproof and weatherproof covers made for swings, tables, and cushions are rigorously tested to provide the perfect layer of protection for your beloved outdoor patio furniture. In time for Halloween and seasonal decor, the company also makes inflatable dragons and fire ghosts that add a spooky little flair to your yard!

Abba Patio cares about the cleanliness of your garden, for which they make trash bags manufactured with durable construction to prevent the release of bacterial odors into the air and to ensure that unsanitary waste is contained in the bag. Alongside its dedication to the planet, Abba Patio believes in environmental responsibility, which leads to the manufacture of solar umbrellas equipped with solar lights that are designed to block the sun's rays all day long, then turn around and efficiently convert that energy into solar-powered lighting when night falls.

Abba Patio places a high value on quality. The fabric of their umbrellas is made of recycled polyester, which is resistant to fading, repellent to water, and protected from UV rays. The frames are carefully built with powder-coated aluminum and steel ribs for extreme stability to ensure that your patio furniture stands strong for all the years to come. The construction of the garden furniture that Abba Patio makes is built to resist peeling, chipping, rust and corrosion so that it can stand the test of time. All of the products are designed to be easily assembled and are provided with easy-to-follow instructions. Each piece of furniture at Abba Patio features an airy, shady, and protective design to provide you and your family with the ultimate relaxation right in the comfort of your home!

Authenticity and reliability are the hallmarks of this company. Abba Patio is a company that is tested and trusted, and it is even featured in an article by the NY Times under the heading 'The Best Patio Umbrella And Stand' where its round steel umbrella base is confirmed to be the most unobtrusive and sleek base on the market. This truly shows that the patio of your dreams could be all yours if you put your trust in Abba Patio.

Whether it is a barbeque party that you're trying to host, a fresh meal that you want to savor, or a book that you want to enjoy in your backyard, this company offers a wide selection of outdoor furniture that makes it all possible. At Abba Patio, they understand that a beautifully designed patio can create both a sense of luxury and a touch of elegance for any home. With that principle in mind, the company specializes in patio furniture of the highest caliber and strives to be your one-stop destination for all your outdoor, patio, and garden needs!

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  • There is no need to go shopping elsewhere when all your outdoor needs are under one roof. From umbrellas, gazebos, and hammocks to heaters and fences, Abba Patio truly has it all.
  • The company sells trash bags and cans for garden sanitation and solar umbrellas and lighting for environmental protection.
  • Patio furniture of the finest quality can be found at Abba Patio. Every piece of furniture is waterproof, weatherproof, rust-resistant, anti-corrosive, and built to last.
  • Authentic and trustworthy. Highly rated by consumers and approved by credible sources, including the New York Times.
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