A-America, Inc. is a corporation based in, you guessed it- the United States of America. For over 45 years, the company has undoubtedly been a leader in the furniture industry and has been a prominent producer of high-quality solid wood furnishings. A-America is family-owned and run by Fred and John Rohrbach, both University of Montana grads who worked as smokejumpers for the US Forest Service. During the Vietnam War, both John and Fred fought honorably in the U.S. Army and the 173rd Airborne Brigade, respectively.

In 1973, the two brothers founded A-America and began importing ceramics from what was then South Vietnam. The Rohrbachs were forced to retreat after Saigon fell. Fred was one among the last Americans to leave Saigon, allegedly jumping from a rooftop to the USS Blue Ridge in the South China Sea on April 29, 1975.

Following this, the brothers traveled to Taiwan. They purchased antique items such as genuine oak dining tables, brassware, cast iron, and maritime antiquities. As a matter of fact, John discovered the arrowback and broad or double pressback chairs in an Idaho antique store and utilized them as inspiration to create them in Taiwan in late 1975. In the same year, A-America was one of the first firms in Taiwan to establish importing American hardwoods to produce high-quality furniture.

Fred Rohrbach is an example of an honest businessman, spending time internationally and keeping vital ties with highly competent furniture producers. He still travels to Asia today, maintaining solid links, which is one of the many reasons why A-America has the most outstanding quality furniture in the United States at affordable prices.

The Rohrbachs' importing skills and their understanding of Asian nations and cultures offer A-America a significant competitive advantage over other importers. As one of the very first U.S. firms to import furniture from China with American designs and quality requirements, A-America was actually one of the first importing enterprises of oak-related products from Taiwan. 

The Adamstown ensemble is one of their most unique offerings to date. For those who like American Arts & Crafts, the Adamstown is real heritage furniture with all the bells and whistles. This magnificently hand-crafted bedroom has steam-bent sides and is made of North American Hickory with quarter-inch solid black walnut inlays. This beautiful shape is enhanced by the natural beauty of the Hickory wood grain color diversity. Hickory is a high-density wood with a glass-like smoothness and resistance to surface damage. Heavy-duty metal ball-bearing drawer glides, English dovetailed drawer boxes, cedar lined drawer bottoms, concealed compartments for valuables, and possibilities for under-bed storage are just a few of the features.

A-America, based in the Seattle region, is one of the few companies that manufactures solid Hickory, Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Birch, Pine, Maple, Ash, and Alder furniture. A-America's product lines are focused on value-priced solid wood dining tables, chairs, and master suites. The firm has expanded its product offerings to include formal dining, bedrooms, and other collections throughout the years. A-America will always be renowned as the industry leader in casual dining and bedroom furniture with intricate detailing. To satisfy a variety of consumer demands, their designs have developed from the original nostalgic solid wood tables and chairs to fashion ahead forms and finishes.

A-America uses a competent, service-oriented customer relations team, an experienced sales force, Asian production, and full-time quality control employees overseas to support the company's expansion throughout the years. They're well-stocked in their domestic warehouse and committed to expedited shipping from Algona, Washington, and North Carolina.

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  • As a leader in the furniture industry, for over 45 years, this company has been a notable maker of high-quality solid wood furnishings.
  • A-America was one of the first companies to pioneer the idea of using American hardwoods to make high-end furniture.
  • As one of the first U.S. companies to import furniture from China with American designs and high quality, A-America has a considerable competitive edge over other importers.
  • A-America is a company that specializes in solid wood furniture and does so extremely well. If solid wood is your thing, A-America has the greatest selection.