There are very few breathing souls on Earth today who do not recognize the 3M brand. It's a household name, without a doubt. 3M began as a small-scale mining business in Northern Minnesota, then known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, more than a century ago. Their goods, which have grown into a worldwide powerhouse, help people all around the world live better lives. However, their success and sustainability were not immediately apparent. They gave it their all, but they were unable to succeed at first. They experimented with something fresh and restarted the cycle. Their founders were driven by innovation and tenacity, and 3M employees were no different.

The five founders had an explicit purpose when they founded 3M in 1902: to mine corundum, a mineral that is suitable for creating sandpaper and grinder wheels. It turned out that what they believed was corundum was actually anorthosite, a low-grade mineral. The small firm may have been doomed when they discovered the low-quality material, yet the founders persisted. Why? Because something even more essential was created that first year: the culture of creativity and cooperation that is still at the heart of 3M today. Instead of giving up, they experimented with other materials, adapted them to other goods, acquired the faith of key investors, and gradually increased sales.

Over the years, 3M's scientific, technological, and commercial advancements led to success after success, finally establishing the company as a permanent fixture on the Fortune 500 list. Over 60,000 3M items are currently in use in homes, companies, schools, hospitals, and other industries. Thanks to the inventions of the thousands of scientists and researchers they employ throughout the world, one-third of their revenues originate from items created within the last five years. With corporate activities in 70 countries and sales in 200, they are committed to developing technologies and equipment that expand every company, enhance every home, and improve every life.

The 3M conglomerate's corporate social responsibility is perhaps one of its most striking features. Through comprehensive social investments and intentional participation of 3Mers throughout the world, 3M improves lives and promotes sustainable communities. They support activities that benefit communities and bring answers to some of the world's most critical concerns via both corporate contributions and the 3M Foundation. Teachers and parents may use 3M's Scientific at Home to conduct easy science experiments at home with students. These delightful science projects, which have been shown by 3M researchers and stars such as Miss America, make use of everyday home materials and are intended to teach critical scientific ideas.

Through meaningful social justice, diversity, equality & inclusion, and 3Mgives programs, they've set out to drive workplace inclusion, a culture of belonging, and fair results for their workers, companies, and communities. Education and career development are critical to racial justice, and they're spending $50 million in workforce development efforts to eliminate racial opportunity inequalities. Their yearly commitment to STEM and skilled trades participation will be doubled as a result of this pledge. They strive to guarantee that employees of various genders are compensated equally for equivalent job tasks, and their methods are achieving global gender pay fairness. They've reached pay equity for 90 percent of their worldwide workforce, and they're working towards enterprise pay equity. In 2015, 3M established a global objective to increase the pool of diverse talent in leadership from 32.6 percent to 65.2 percent across all diversity categories.

3M has a long history of dedication to sustainability, and it is one of their fundamental values. Its industry leadership can be seen in the establishment of its groundbreaking Pollution Prevention Pays initiative in 1975, which is still going strong, as well as more recent initiatives like their shift to renewable energy sources, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, increased circular solutions, and expansion of their skills-based volunteer programs. 3M is devoted to a science-based, cooperative approach to tackling shared global issues and enhancing lives with its workers, customers, partners, governments, and communities.

3M is a massive publicly traded corporation with over 100,000 employees worldwide and annual revenue of more than 32 billion dollars.

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  • Only a few individuals in the world now are unfamiliar with the 3M brand. Without a question, it's a household name.
  • 3M has been around for over a century.
  • They have a long list of patents under their belt.
  • 3M's corporate social responsibility initiatives are among the most extensive in the world, encompassing everything from scholarship donations to massive educational programs to workplace inclusivity.
  • 3M's environmental metrics are very remarkable.