Mattress Protectors

Buying a mattress for your bed can be very expensive, especially if you choose a hybrid mattress. After spending big bucks on your mattress, it is wise to have a mattress protector. If you have recently bought a mattress, you probably got a manufacturer's warranty with it. To keep the warranty effective, you need to keep the mattress clean and stain-free. Mattress protectors will help you keep your mattress in good shape for a very long time. It will safeguard your mattress against dirt, dust, dead skin, moisture, and germs.

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What to Consider When Buying a Mattress Protector

Buying a mattress protector will help you keep your mattress in perfect and hygienic condition. But finding the right mattress protector is not easy. There are several factors that you need to consider before buying the best mattress protector for your mattress. 

The first factor that you need to consider while buying a mattress protector is size. You need to measure your mattress, including the height, width, and length of your mattress, to calculate the size of your waterproof mattress protector. It's best if the mattress protector fits quickly and perfectly. The size should not be too big or too small for your mattress. The mattress protector is supposed to protect your mattress against dirt and dust accumulation. Still, if you have a smaller size, it won't cover the whole mattress. Similarly, if you got a larger size, you will have extra cloth hanging by your bed, which would make it very uncomfortable to sleep at night. 

The next factor that will impact your purchase is deciding the material used to make the best mattress protector. Generally, mattress protectors are made of the following fabrics:

Cotton: The most commonly used material to make the mattress protector is cotton. It is very easy to wash the cotton mattress protectors. If you want your mattress protector to be super soft, you should buy cotton mattress protectors. These protectors are very durable and lightweight. 

Polyester: If you want to buy waterproof mattress protectors that are hypoallergenic, you can choose polyester. These protectors are very affordable and can help you protect your mattress from dust, dirt, and mold. In addition, you can easily clean these waterproof mattress protectors with a damp cloth. 

Memory Foam: These best mattress protectors are super soft and reactive to the body's shape. In addition, these protectors are made of high-quality material and can help you reduce the motion effects caused due to one occupant's movements while sleeping. 

The third factor to consider while buying a mattress protector is to check how it will hold your mattress and determine its fitting. There are three main affordable mattress protector designs available in the market:

Zippered Mattress Protector: These protectors feature a zipper to open and close the protector around the mattress. These zipper mattress protectors will ensure that the mattress is covered from all sides. 

Elastic Strap: Many mattress protectors come with an elastic strap that would go around the mattress corners and sit right under the bed mattress. An elastic strap makes it super easy to remove the protector of the mattress. 

Fitted Mattress Protector: Just like fitted sheets, these fitted mattress protectors slide on the edges and corners of your mattress and can be tucked under the mattress. 

Furthermore, you need to decide whether you want your mattress protector to be quilted or non-quilted. The quilted mattress protector keeps the fiber in one place and offers additional cushioning. However, it is easier for dirt and dust to accumulate beside the stitched lines. You can avoid this by getting a non-quilted mattress protector. 

Points to Remember: 

  1. If you are trying to add a little more padding to your mattress but cannot afford to buy a new mattress, you can use the memory foam mattress protector over the mattress. 

  2. If you tend to sleep hot at night, you should avoid buying memory foam mattress protectors. Instead, you can buy cotton mattress protectors to keep you cold during hot summer nights. 

  3. Consider purchasing a heating mattress protector if you tend to feel cold at night. These vinyl mattress protectors come with five temperature settings to keep you warm. 

  4. Many people could be allergic to certain kinds of fabrics. Therefore, buying hypoallergenic mattress protectors that repel the causes of allergy is highly recommended.