People spend the majority of their time in their beds. Especially after spending 10-12 hours at work, all they want to do is jump right into bed. Your bed should offer you relaxation and comfort. If you are sleeping on the most comfortable mattress, you should get 7-8 hours of sound sleep every day. Unfortunately, many people are often more tired after spending 8 hours in bed. The reason behind this is an uncomfortable mattress. If you face the same issue, it's time to change your mattress and buy a new one.

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What to Consider When Buying a Mattress

Before buying a mattress, the first and foremost factors to consider in determining the size are king, queen, double, and California king. Finding the correct size of the mattress depends on the size of your bed and the number of occupants. For instance, if you are buying a mattress for one person, you can go ahead with a twin size mattress, but if two people share the mattress, you need to choose a bigger one. A mattress should provide enough space for two people to sleep without barging comfortably into each other's room. If you think your mattress is too small for two occupants, you should look for a larger size. 

As the user will be spending a lot of time using the mattress, it should offer high comfort levels. Even if you bought an affordable mattress or a premium-quality mattress, it should provide maximum comfort to the occupant while sleeping. Many mattresses are available in the market that offers different comfort levels, ranging from firm to plush. 

  • Plush – These mattresses change shape based on the occupant's body's curves. These mattresses are the best for you if you sleep on your side as they come with extra padding to offer more softness. 

  • Medium – If you are looking for something in between firm and plush, a medium-firm mattress is a right choice.  

  • Firm – If you are a stomach sleeper, you need a rigid and firm mattress that is optimal. 

The next step is to check the firmness of your mattress. The firmness of your best mattress depends on your personal preferences. You can buy a mattress that keeps your spine in an even line without adding pressure on the back. There are many affordable mattresses available with soft-firm, medium-firm, and extra-firm options. But the firmness of the mattress changes from brand to brand. So, before you buy the mattress, you need to test it and make sure it does not feel very uncomfortable while sleeping. 

Additionally, you need to check the best mattress material. The majority of beds are made up of two materials - memory foam and innerspring. Innerspring is more popular and traditional. These mattresses have steel coils inside them. The memory foam mattresses are made from latex foam, making the mattress super soft. The quality of your best mattress is essential as many cheap mattresses are available in the market that looks attractive but are very uncomfortable to sleep in. 

Points to Remember: 

  1. Consider looking at the thickness and density of the foam to determine the quality of the mattress.

  2. Always do a test run before buying your mattress. Don't refrain from actually lying down on the display mattresses shown in the store. You will judge it better if it meets your needs and comfort levels when you use it.

  3. Avoid trusting the firmness sticker on the mattress. These firmness levels are not always correct. Instead, you need to test the mattress to see the firmness. 

  4. Before you buy an affordable mattress, you should research and check the online reviews about the mattress. It will help you get a rough idea of whether the mattress would be the right choice for you. 

  5. If you have the budget to buy an expensive mattress, you should buy an adjustable air bed. These beds allow you to adjust the firmness and softness of the mattress with one remote controller.