Upholstered Headboards

Today, the most appealing headboards are upholstered headboards. These upholstered bed frames are meant to revamp the ambiance of any room and make a bold move. If you want to upgrade your bedroom decor without updating the existing furniture, you should invest in upholstered headboards. The beds with upholstered headboards work the best with both modern and traditional styles of bedroom. Unfortunately, these headboards are available in a wide variety of styles, making it challenging to find suitable upholstered headboards for your bed.

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What to Consider When Buying Upholstered Headboard

If you are planning to add a custom-built upholstered bed headboard, there are thousands of designs and colors to choose from. To find the right upholstered headboard, you need to consider several factors. 

To begin the search, you need to determine how much padding you want inside your headboard. Depending on your personal preferences, you can opt for light padding, medium padding density, and overstuffed padding. If you bought a bed with an upholstered headboard with light padding, it would not be easy to lean against it. On the other hand, sometimes the manufacturers overstuff the headboard, which can be super uncomfortable too. Suppose you are spending a lot of time leaning against the headboard. In that case, getting an upholstered headboard with medium padding thickness would be better as it will provide you the maximum comfort for your back.

The second factor that you must consider before buying the best-upholstered headboards is the size. The size of your upholstered bed headboard tends to be wider than the size of the bed. You should also consider the size of the mattress while determining the size of the upholstered headboard. Unfortunately, if you bought the wrong sized headboard for your bed, it will affect the overall aesthetic and theme of the room. 

The third factor to consider is the style of the best-upholstered headboard. The beds with upholstered headboards are versatile in design and can be easily customized. When you are looking for upholstered bed headboards, you will have a choice to select from elegant vintage designs to modern-contemporary styles. These upholstered headboards are perfect for giving a dramatic appearance to your room without breaking the bank. 

The next step is to select the suitable fabric for the best-upholstered headboard. The upholstered headboard will be the room's focal point. The material should be high-quality, soft, and comfortable. Again, you have multiple options to choose from, including chenille, faux leather, and velvet.  

Faux Leather: Leather is one of the best choices for the fabric of the best-upholstered headboards. It will help you create a practical and sleek headboard that can be easily cleaned. 

Chenille: If you are looking for luxury fabric, chenille is a perfect choice, thanks to its softness and luxurious look. 

Velvet: Another fabric that will give your room a luxurious look is velvet. More and more people are buying velvet upholstered headboards with metal buttons tufted on them. 

When it comes to beds with upholstered headboards, not all of them have the headboards pre-installed. Sometimes, you will have the option to choose your installation method. But, again, it would depend on your personal choice. You can either have it wall-mounted, free-standing, and attached to the bed frame.

Points to Remember: 

  1. Consider buying a taller upholstered headboard to give an over-the-top look to your bedroom. You can add decorative pillows in front of the best-upholstered headboard to achieve an elegant look.

  2. If you want to find the best fabric for your upholstered headboard, you can ask the supplier company to give you a swatch so that you can do a test with the bedroom decor and touch the fabric. 

  3. When it comes to the fabric of the upholstered bed headboards, you need to make sure that it is pet-friendly because not all of the materials can handle the scratches caused by the pets.