Tufted Headboards

The popularity of tufted headboards is increasing day by day. In addition to being gorgeous, they offer maximum comfort and support to the occupants. If you want to spruce up your bedroom, adding a tufted headboard is the perfect option. The tufted headboards are available in many fabrics and colors that can help you to change the look and decor of any bedroom. Many people are using tufted headboards to create a haven of relaxation in the bedroom. These headboards bring a sense of elegance and coziness to the bedroom. If you are looking for a show-stopping headboard, a tufted headboard is a right choice.

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  • Adona Tufted Queen Headboard by Modus Furniture International
    Slumberland Furniture
    Adona Tufted Queen Headboard by Modus Furniture International
  • Twin Size Contemporary Upholstered Bed Frame with Tufted Headboard and Wood Legs by Monarch
    Sold out
    Twin Size Contemporary Upholstered Bed Frame with Tufted Headboard and Wood Legs by Monarch
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What to consider when buying Tufted Headboard

There are uncountable designs, colors, and textures available when it comes to tufted headboards. So, how do you choose the right tufted headboard for your bedroom? 

There are a few factors that you need to consider before buying a tufted headboard. The first factor is the size of the headboard. The size of your tufted headboard should be the same as the width of the bed. So, your first step should be to take the measuring tape and start measuring the bed. Don’t guess the size. You need to know the exact size of the bed with the mattress. If you choose a headboard smaller than the bed, it would look disproportionate and ruin the room's whole aesthetic. However, if the size of the headboard is slightly bigger than the bed, it should be fine. 

The next step is to check the padding of the tufted headboard. Whether you want sparse padding, a medium padding thickness, or overstuffed padding depends on your personal choice. Try leaning against the tufted headboard; you will see how much padding you want. If you spend a lot of time leaning against the headboard, we recommend getting a tufted headboard with medium thickness to get maximum comfort for your back. 

The third factor to consider is the style of the tufted headboard. The tufted headboards are decorated with buttons to achieve an elegant look. These headboards will bring drama and style to your bedroom. There are many style options available to you, ranging from vintage to modern to contemporary. Consider the current decor of your bedroom to finalize the style of the tufted headboard. For instance, if your bedroom has modern decor, you can use a contemporary styled headboard. On the other hand, if your room has a simple style, you should use a headboard with buttons and soft curves. 

Once you have decided the style of the headboard, you need to select a fabric. There is a wide range of choices available, varying from cotton to leather. We recommend opting for a fabric that complements the decor of the bedroom. In addition, it should be soft and comfortable to touch. The most commonly used fabrics are chenille, polyester, and velvet, which are super soft and cozy. 

In addition to the fabric, you also need to decide the color of your tufted headboard. Selecting the right color is very important to maintain the elegance and charm of the tufted headboard. If you want to up the wow factor of your bedroom, you can use different graphics and patterns on the headboard. We recommend using neutral colors in your headboard and incorporating bolder colors into your bedding. The majority of people tend to buy different shades of grey because grey can easily coordinate with all the other bedroom items. 

Lastly, you need to decide on the installation of the tufted headboard. It could be wall-mounted, free-standing, and attached to the bed frame.

Points to Remember: 

  1. Consider buying a slightly bigger tufted headboard if you have plenty of space available in your bedroom.

  2. If you already bought a tufted headboard with sparse padding and it is not always comfortable to lean against it, you can try adding some extra pillow in front of the headboard.

  3. Consider getting a swatch test done to see if the fabric of your chosen headboard will look good with your bedroom decor. 

  4. Avoid picking a bright-colored fabric for your tufted headboard. You should always do a test run and see if you like the bright color with all the other elements of the bedroom. 

Questions and answers about Tufted Headboards

What is the cheapest product in Tufted Headboards?

The cheapest product is Twin Size Contemporary Upholstered Bed Frame with Tufted Headboard and Wood Legs

Do all Tufted Headboards ship to me?

All Tufted Headboards on Interiorbeat ship to all states in the US.

Which brands are great at creating Tufted Headboards?

At Interiorbeat we have 2 brands in Tufted Headboards. The brand with most products is Monarch Furniture, but also Modus Furniture is a popular brand.