King Size Headboards

Are you looking for a new king size headboard? A headboard can change the whole aesthetic of your bedroom, so it is vital to find the correct headboard for your king size bed. A king size headboard profiles support the bed and complete the whole look of the bedroom decor. It also protects the walls from any wear and tear. If you tend to watch a movie or read a book in your bed, having the right headboard will ensure that your back is comfortable. The king size headboards are usually the focal point of any bedroom.

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What to Consider When Buying King Size Headboard

Finding the optimal headboard for a king-sized bed can be challenging as you need to follow a strategic approach. When buying a king size headboard for your king size bed, you need to consider certain factors. The first factor to consider is the size of your headboard. You need to pay special attention to its height as you buy a headboard for a king-sized bed. You don’t want to bedroom your bedroom with just one piece of furniture. So don’t forget to consider the ceiling height before deciding whether you want a tall headboard or a low headboard. 

In addition, you also need to determine the space available inside your room. As the king size headboards tend to be wider than the king size bed, you will need to make sure that you have enough wall space to put the headboard. You can choose a tall headboard (65 to 70 inches tall) or extra wide headboards, depending on the available space. The extra-wide headboards are used to cover the entire wall behind the bed. If you want to give a bold look to your room, you should buy an extra-wide headboard.  

The next step is to decide the type of king size headboard. Four main types are popular among homeowners:

Wood Headboard

The wooden headboards for king size beds are very traditional. They tend to have inbuilt storage shelves to give extra storage. The majority of wooden headboards are made of pine, oak, and maple, all very durable. 

Metal Headboard

If you are looking for a modern, industrial, and minimalist look, metal headboards are a perfect choice. The metal headboard costs less than the wooden headboard. In addition, it is available in many colors: silver, nickel, gold, black, and white. 

Upholstered Headboard

Upholstered headboards feature soft padding and are most stylish among others. For example, suppose you are looking for some extra cushioning on the bed. In that case, upholstered headboards are the best, as the king size headboard is padded with cotton, linen, or polyester. In addition, you can choose between different colors and patterns for your upholstered headboard. Generally, upholstered headboards are tufted with metal buttons, giving them the most elegant look. 

Storage Headboard

Generally, all headboards king size beds are made out of wood come with in-built storage units. These storage headboards give you plenty of space to store your personal items near your hands. However, the storage headboards usually cover a lot of space in a room, so you can only use them in a bigger room. 

Lastly, you need to consider your budget and decide which king size headboard fits perfectly into your budget and covers all your needs. 

Points to Remember: 

  1. Leave two-inch space on both sides of the king size bed to fit a king size headboard. 

  2. You can also choose whether you want a free-standing king size headboard, wall-mounted headboard, or a storage headboard for king size beds. 

  3. If you are not sure about the height of your headboard, you can opt to buy an adjustable king size headboard. You can easily change the height of these adjustable headboards to fit in your room decor and style.