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A dressing table is an indispensable part of a bedroom and everyone's daily routine. It helps you check your appearance, from getting ready for work to checking your final look before going outside. However, a dresser table that can enhance your interior can also make it look weird and unbalanced. The final look will ultimately depend on various aspects, including designs, sizes, and materials used. So, it is recommended to always consider all these things before buying the right dresser table for your room.

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How to Choose the Right Dressing Table?

A unique and well-designed dresser table can enhance the appearance of your bedroom. And if you want to get one for your place, consider various elements mentioned below before making a purchase:


Dressing tables are available in various designs. You can buy the best one of your choice suitable for the theme of your bedroom.

  • Wall-mounted Dressing Table: Wall-mounted dresser tables are the first choice for small bedrooms. Mirror and storage boxes are fitted on the wall, which gives a stylish and classy look to your bedroom.

  • Full mirror Dressing Table: You can go with full-length mirror dressing tables if you want to see your full-size reflection. These mirrors offer extended height making it possible to see your whole body simultaneously. Storage units with more capacity are also available with these mirrors.

  • Simplistic Dressing Table: This dressing table has a medium-sized mirror and storage boxes and is more suitable for minimalist bedrooms.


Dressing tables are available in different styles in the market. The style of tables varies from simple to modern, offering you to select the best one from a wide range. A simply styled dresser table will give a gentle look to your minimalist bedroom. In contrast, a contemporary or modern styled table will provide a modern look to the place. So, you may select the style and design of a dresser table according to the style of your bedroom.


Like every other piece of furniture, dressing tables are not limited by size. You can get them in various dimensions and tailor them for custom sizes. And if you want the table to add highlights to your space, this factor is crucial. 

Always choose a dressing table that fits your bedroom. It should not interrupt your movement around the room or interface with closets or doors. Usually, it's best if you measure the available floor space before selecting a dressing mirror. You have to buy a table that's slightly smaller than the measured dimension. 

You can choose a large-sized dressing table if you have enough space in your bedroom. However, choosing a large-sized dressing table for a small area will increase mess in your bedroom. 


You can go with a Dorset dressing table if you want to give a modern look to your bedroom. It occupies limited space with proper dimensions and is suitable for medium-sized bedrooms.


The durability of a dressing table depends on the material used for its manufacturing. So, always consider the material of the dressing table before purchasing. Following are some materials used for making dressing tables:

  • Wood: Wood is considered prime material for making durable and classic dressing tables. Wooden dressing tables have strong manufacturing and have a gentle look.

  • Medium Density Fibreboard(MDF): MDF is also used for making stylish and contemporary dressing tables. These kinds of tables will be more suitable if the theme of your bedroom is modern. You can also go with MDF dresser tables to ensure a seamless look for your bedroom.

  • Glass: Dressing tables made from glass also bring style to your bedroom. But having a glass-based dressing table is not preferable if you have a child in your home because the risk of damage is always there.

  • Metal: Metal is one of the most durable materials used for making dresser tables. It is generally used to make table legs to give them a unique and stylish touch.


It is best to purchase a wooden dressing table because wood is top-rated among the most durable materials. Another plus point is, dresser tables made from wood are easy to clean and give an elegant look to your bedroom.