Dressers & Armoires

A bedroom is a place where you spend most of your time. Instead of just being a relaxation space, it needs to be functional for the occupants. One way to get the most out of the bedroom is by adding dressers and armoires. In addition to giving an additional storage space, bedroom dressers and armoires bring all the furniture pieces together. The dressers and armoires complete the look of your bedroom. Buying the right dresser for your room can be overwhelming because you will be purchasing the other furniture of your bedroom based on your dresser or vice-versa. 

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What to Consider when Buying Dressers & Armoires

Dressers and armoires are essential furniture pieces in your bedroom as you will be using them regularly. You need to consider a few factors before buying a dresser. The first factor is the size of your room and the size of the dresser. Next, you need to determine the location where you will be placing the dresser in your bedroom. Is it going to be beside a wall, inside a closet, or under a window or TV?

Once you know the space you are working with, you need to calculate the height and width of your potential dresser. For example, if you plan to place the dresser under a window, you need to know the height to find the right dresser. The size of your dresser will depend on how much space you are looking for. The majority of the dressers either have six or nine drawers, and the width of these drawers will affect the height of your dresser. 

The next step is to decide the shape of your bedroom dressers and armoires. There are mainly two types of dressers and armoires - horizontal and tall. The horizontal dressers usually provide six drawers and are often called wide dressers as they are wider. The taller dressers are generally known as chests, and they offer four drawers. Before you determine the shape of your bedroom dressers and armoires, you need to understand their purpose. Know what you will store inside the drawers, such as clothes, jewelry, and books. If you plan to put heavier items, you need a more sturdy and stable dresser than one used for clothes. 
Once you know the size of the potential dresser, you should start looking for different dresser styles to find the best one for your bedroom. All the large dressers and armoires are made of wood to give you a functional space. Depending on the style and design of your bedroom, you can choose different styles of the dressers, such as traditional colonial style, modern style, etc. In addition, you can opt for dresses and armoires that match the color and decor of your bedroom. You can even paint these dressers to match other furniture pieces in your bedroom. 

Standard Dressers and Armoires

Typically, dressers and armoires have four, six, or even nine drawers of various sizes. Large dressers and armoires are the best choices if you want a more expansive surface space as they will give you plenty of room on top. 

Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers only has three drawers of equal size. These chests of drawers are commonly used in kid's rooms and guest's rooms to give extra storage space. Some people also like to use these chests of drawers as a nightstand. On the contrary to the large dressers and armoires, these chests offer less surface space but still ample storage inside the drawers.

Points to Remember: 

  1. Consider placing your dressers and armoires on the empty wall that faces the bed. Make sure there is enough space available to open the drawers. 

  2. If you have limited space in your bedroom, you can use the top of your dresser as a TV stand. 

  3. If you plan to hang your clothes but don’t have a closet in your bedroom, you should buy an armoire as it will give you both hanging and folding storage space. 

  4. Consider decorating your dresser with a mirror on the top. However, there are many dressers and armoires available in the market that come with an attached mirror. 

  5. Consider getting large dresser armoires with legs so that you can get additional storage space underneath the dresser.