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Trundle beds are the best way to save space and provide utility. It is particularly true for the people who live in compact quarters or small apartments with big families. Based on their style, trundle beds can serve as day beds since their size is the same as a small couch. Moreover, you can easily roll out an additional bed when you need it. In addition to this, you can even buy trundle beds that contain drawers to store pillows and beddings when not in use.

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What to Consider When Getting a Trundle Bed

When selecting trundle beds, various configurations are available in terms of style, size, material, construction, storage options, and many more. 

Therefore, you can choose the one according to your preferences.

Generally, the trundle bed frames are manufactured with either metal or solid wood as these are the sturdiest materials. However, suppose you want a wooden look for your trundle beds. In that case, mahogany and oak are the best choices because of their durability. Sometimes the wooden trundle beds are equipped with a drawer to offer extra storage. On the other hand, metal frames are comparatively lighter than wooden beds and are easy to move around. Also, metal frames are affordable. Generally, the low construction of trundle beds is not practical for older people since it would not be easy for them to get in and out. This is one of the reasons that they are mostly used for kids. 

Mobility and size

Typically the trundle beds are twin-sized, having mattresses. If you are buying one to save space, keep in mind that you will require double floor space to pull out the bed when in use. Trundle beds often come with castors, making them easy to roll out on the hard floor or surfaces. 

However, it would be difficult to move on the carpet. Make sure to check that if it comes with wheel locks, that will prevent the bed from sliding. 


Don't put heavy furniture in front of the trundle beds, as every time you have to move the furniture pieces while using them

Humidity Concerns

Suppose you live in an area with a humid climate. In that case, a trundle bed is probably not an excellent option for extra space. Generally, the trundle bed is located under the parent bed, so a little ventilation is required for the mattress. Lack of ventilation in humid areas can become the reason for the bacteria's growth.

Easy To Assemble

There are various models available of trundle beds that need assembling before use. While many of them can be easily assembled in just less than, say, half an hour, that's not the case every time. For example, the trundle bed frames having drawers might be a little challenging to assemble. Of course, you can pay for someone to do the assembling job for you for your convenience. But make sure to book them in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle. In general, however, assembly is something that you should not be overly worried about. Most trundle beds sold today are easy to assemble and should not take you too long.

Measure Space

Before buying the trundle beds, measuring the space to place the trundle beds is important. These beds are generally large in size and require a lot of space. So, it is essential to check the area where it can be easily placed without the risk of everyday scratches. It would also protect against knocking down things when pulling out trundle beds.

Learn About the Material

Mostly the trundle beds are manufactured using wood. If you choose wood as the raw material, then make sure to check the type of wood used to make these furniture pieces. For instance, Teak is one of the most commonly used solid wood in manufacturing this bed. The other wood which can be used is Sheesham, and it is known for its texture and high porosity. Sometimes, the trundle beds are made with solid engineered wood such as laminated ply boards and plywoods.

Questions and answers about Trundle Beds

What is the cheapest product in Trundle Beds?

The cheapest product is Black Trundle

Do all Trundle Beds ship to me?

All Trundle Beds on Interiorbeat ship to all states in the US.

Which brands are great at creating Trundle Beds?

At Interiorbeat we have 6 brands in Trundle Beds. The brand with most products is Homelegance, but also Ashley Furniture and Kodiak Furniture are popular brands.