Captain Beds

The bedroom is the place that reminds you of relief after a super hectic day. Therefore, equipping your bedroom with the most comfortable furniture becomes a priority for every homeowner. Be it bed structure or mattresses; it is important to make a rational and most suitable choice. Various types of beds are available in the market, including captain beds, panel beds, and platform beds. However, a captain bed is an excellent option for your comfort and storage needs. Captain beds are basic beds combined with storage capacity. The bed's surface is at a raised platform, and storage units utilize the space between the bed and the floor.

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How To Select The Best Captain Bed For Your Home?

Captain beds come in various shapes, sizes and styles. And selecting the right one for your room can be a bit of a task. The rational choice depends on storage capacity, height, material, and many more factors. By considering a few factors, you can ease your job of picking the right one.


There are many materials available in the market that are used for the construction of captain beds. Depending upon the benefits it renders and suitability, people make their choices. Obviously, wood is the most renowned material, owing to its durability and look.

Wood does not require much maintenance and is easy to clean. To add to the traditional and natural feel of your room, go for earthy and rustic colored wood. Premium hardwood is of the highest quality and an expensive choice. It will also provide strength and a smooth finish to your furniture.

On the other hand, engineered wood is an affordable yet long-lasting option. By choosing high-quality wood, you can match your captain bed to your standard of living and mark your style statement. However, you may also find metal or leather captain beds. Both these will help in imparting a contemporary outlook to your room. 


If you are opting for leather captain beds, make sure to clean and condition them regularly. Without the necessary cleaning, you might damage the longevity of the upholstery.


The major reason people opt for captain beds is their storage capacity. To know which captain bed will be perfect for you, analyze your storage needs. Captain beds have various storage options like wide drawers, boxes, shelves, or headboards. 

According to your needs and requirements, you can pick the bed that can satisfy all of them. For example, if you have various small-size items in mind that you want to store in your captain bed, then go for compartments and segregated sections in bed. Whereas you can choose large-sized compartments in bed for storing large items and bulky stuff. The right choice can make it convenient for you to store things accordingly. 


To determine the most suitable captain bed size in your bedroom, measure the free space available. Just take a measuring tape and make a note of the space available. You can use the reading to decide the right size for your place. You would not want to make your room look congested or leave an unutilized area by selecting the wrong size of captain beds. So, it's best to choose a bed slightly smaller than the space. It will leave space for free movement while filling the optimal area.  

Personally, suppose you want a captain bed for a big room. In that case, the king-size captain will fit perfectly and leave space for other furniture. 


Undoubtedly, thinking of bed brings you comfort and a feeling of relaxation. But, apart from the functionality of providing a comfortable spot for sleeping, it is an element of decor. You can upscale the overall outlook and view of your room by accommodating a stylish captain bed.

There is no such thing as the perfect style. It entirely relies on you. However, you may find many bed frame designs available in the market, from traditional to contemporary. Depending on the theme of your room and your desires, you can pick the style suitable for you. 

  • Traditional style captain beds generally have wooden construction and carved legs for decoration. This style can go with almost every type of home furnishings and update the overall outlook.

  • A contemporary style has both traditional and modern aesthetics and is well suited if you want a fashionable view.