Slatted Bed Bases

On average, humans spend 1/3 of their lives sleeping. So, when it comes to quality sleep, one should never compromise. However, your high mattress alone cannot ensure this comfort. You have to pay the same attention to the bed frame as you do to get a perfect mattress. It would help if you have a bed frame that's comfortable, convenient, and suits the interior of your place. Slatted bed frames fit the profile perfectly. In addition, the slatted bed frames serve as the primary support system for your mattress, which means you have to pay attention to some things while buying it.

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Mattress Size

The first and foremost step is to consider the size of your mattress. If you need to upgrade your bed frame, you can use the mattress as your size guide. Your bed frame must match the size of the mattress to attain a perfect fit.

Bedroom Size

Considering your bedroom size can help you a lot to choose the best solution for your bedroom. Usually, around 2 to 3 feet of space around the bed is required around the bed. So it's essential to make sure there's enough space to move around in the bedroom. 

Measure the space of your bedroom along with the bed. Consider some inches to place the bed frame. If the bed occupies more space, then go for a smaller one. In this way, you can shortlist the options to choose the right size of slatted bed frames. 

Support Type

It is essential to provide some support to mattresses. Without support, the mattress will wear or sag prematurely. The main two options for support are box springs and platform beds. If you go for a platform bed, then it offers pre-built support to your mattress. And since it stays close to the floor, there is no need to use box springs. 

These box spring bed frames, on the other hand, are better at adjusting according to the weight on them. 

Choose the Accurate Height

Another vital factor to consider is the height of slatted bed frames. You can decide the height which is comfortable for your bed. People who have mobility issues can consider a high mattress. 

If you don't prefer height, a platform bed is an ideal option for you. Moreover, you can also go for a low-profile slatted bed frame. In case you further need more height, then choose a bed frame that is taller in size. 


There are two primary options available for the slatted bed frames materials- wood and metal. Both of them provide several options. The significant difference between them is appearance and strength. So decide according to your needs.

Besides appearance, quality also plays an important role. Solid hardwood is better material, but a wooden frame with metallic touch might work even better. Make sure to check the type of joinery system and hardware used for a quality bed.  

Examine the Support System

The main motive of the slatted bed frames is mattress support, so you need to make sure about the sturdiness of your slat system. Always go for the strong slats that don't easily bend. The poor slats won't provide the desired support and may break soon. Usually, people prefer hardwood slats such as poplar or beech over softwood slats such as pine.

Another thing is to take account of the number of slats and the spacing between them. If the number of slats is not enough, then it is not considered strong. Certain frames come with central support legs to provide extra strength. These types of slatted frames work best for larger beds. 

Quality Assurance

It is best not to compromise with the quality of your bed frame by selecting the cheap option. The poor-quality bed frame may be reasonable but will not last long and provide the necessary support. 

So, monitor the craftsmanship and overall quality of the bed frame before making the final purchase. Spending money on a high-quality bed offers more support and will last longer.