Queen Size Bed Frames

Are you fed up with being cramped up with your partner on your bed? Well, that's not very uncommon. But, unfortunately, a lot of people share your experience. The standard bed may be large, but they don't have enough room for a couple. As a result, you have to constantly adjust your legs and body to fit, which is never a pleasant experience. Stepping up to queen size bed frames and mattresses can offer you a way out. The queen size is slightly smaller than taking and takes less place, but they have enough room for two. And the best part, it's not very difficult to find a quality frame.

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Headboard and Bed Height

The queen size bed comes in the standard size of 60 inches wide and 80 inches. Considering you don't have any additional layering or decorations around the frame, the measurement will remain unchanged. Thus, you already know the room that you would need.

However, the same is not possible with the height of the bed. The bed frames for queen size beds can come in various heights. You will also find variants with and without legs. 

Apart from the bed, the headboard will also need some space on the wall. And just like the bed, this art also comes in various heights. So make sure to analyze the height of your walls and the area you can spare.


If you are planning to use the bed for children or the elderly, low height is best. If it's for adults, you can ramp up the height. And in case you are not sure, buy a medium height. Of course, you can always add more height using a thick mattress.

Material and Build

The queen size bed frame that you buy has to support the mattress and ensure a comfortable sleep. However, that is not its only function. The thing sits as the focal point of your bedroom, and it has to bring out your interior. 

Thus, you must pay attention to not just its functionality but also its quality. For example, the bed frame you get must have a clean finish that matches the room. 

Other than material, it's also wise to check for the build of the bed. The bed needs to have properly chamfered edges. You can also consider additional storage space in it. There are multiple elegant-looking queen size bed frames with storage that you can get for the bedroom. 

And finally comes the headboard material. If you have a contemporary or classic-looking bedroom wood-finished headboard is fine. However, for a modular and modern interior, you should get a decorative headboard.

Usually, it's best to go for a fabric-coated headboard. This type of headboard has a layer of foam inside that makes it very comfortable. You can rest your head back onto them without feeling any hardness or discomfort.

Support System

Like other bed frames, the queen size bed frames come with two types of supports- box spring and platform beds.

The platform beds are sold and sit close to the floor. The mattress can sit right on top of them. The only drawback is it doesn't have much ground clearance. 

Box spring has a layer of slats supporting the bed. The slats support the mattress while maintaining space underneath. It's functional and comfortable, but it is less strong than platform beds.


Bed frames for queen size bed frames are long-term investments. However, once purchased, the frames can last for years without much maintenance. Therefore, you mustn't go for cheaper or low-quality options while buying them. 

It may seem cheap, but these frames have a shorter life and will cost you much more than a high-end queen size bed frame. 

But at the same time, some frames can cost tens of thousands. So, before you head on to buy a queen size bed frame, consider your financial tolerance. Decide the amount you can spend and stick with it. In short, make a balance between economical and quality.