Platform Bed Frames

Nowadays, Platform beds have been an excellent choice for people. It is because they offer a perfect blend of comfort from couch and bed combined. In addition, the low-profile bed stays close to the ground and creates an illusion of more space. As a result, it can easily make your room look larger. And the best part, the frames are available in a wide range of styles with several features. However, its varieties and choices do come with a challenge-complex selection process. The bed frame you choose has a direct effect on the life of your mattress and sleep quality.

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The essential thing about the platform bed frames is the slats. The more the gap between the slats, the higher the chances of tearing the mattress. Flat slats and sprung slats are the two types of slats that are common. Sprung slats offer curved wooden slats inside the frame to provide a natural bounce. The thicker the slats, the sturdier the base. 

Contrarily, if you can’t spend much, you can choose wooden slats as they are comparatively cheaper. Although they are more affordable, they still offer solid support.


The distance between the slats shouldn’t be more than 2.5 inches. Beware of inferior sprung slats as they might not support heavyweight, which causes tearing of mattress or slats breakage. 


You may fall in love with the bed frame, which costs $5000 and does not fit your budget. So, it is advised to be practical enough for the amount you spend on bed frames. 

There is nothing wrong with setting a limit for your budget. However, take care of your finances and spend accordingly. For example, you will spend around a third of your life on a bed, so you can invest some money in viable platform bed frames with storage that lasts for a long time. 


You can get a lot of options even in the $1000 range. List down your priorities, such as comfort, style, and support, to shortlist some of the options to consider.


There are several things associated when buying a platform bed frame, and size is one of the crucial factors. First, determine the size of the room to select the accurate size of platform bed frames. If a room is big and you share your space with someone, obviously go for a larger one. 


Usually, the larger frame in size is a little expensive, so make sure to purchase the size that is enough to fulfill your requirements.


Safety is another essential factor to consider when purchasing platform bed frames. There should be no loose wires or screws anywhere close to the bed. Also, keep in mind that there should be no sharp objects on either side of the bed frames. Check for the places where you feel that someone may get hurt. 


While purchasing, you can check all the required safety measurements and match them with what you have checked already. 


When you are buying platform bed frames, always choose the one made of premium materials. Also, consider the one which is made of durable and strong material. The structures made with poor-quality materials will start to damage over time. 


Metal and wood are the material options available for the bed frames. Among them, wood is considered more durable than metal. The best way is to try both and decide which one works better for you. 


A platform bed frame has a non-complex structure, and hence it is less expensive than a standard box or spring bed. Nevertheless, these frames can also get a little pricey if you choose a top-line model.