King Size Bed Frames

Are you one of those people who like to roll in their sleep? If yes, well, then you know the struggle that comes with this habit. The standard beds are never enough for these overnight movements. If that's the case, some bed frame sizes like full size bed frames are suitable but still not that effective. And that's precisely where the king size bed frames for a king size mattress come into action. King size bed can accommodate two adults with anyone in the house like kids or pets.

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Start With Simple Maths

Since the bed frames, king sizes are larger; they will need a lot of floor space. They also have a large headboard which you need to consider.

Now, because this bed comes in a standard size, there's no point in measuring its size. Thus, start by finding a spot in the home where you want to place it. Next, the bed must have a wall on one side to fix the headboard.

Once you have the spot, measure the available floor space. The area needs to be 76 inches wide and 80 inches long to fit your bed. But, you have to make sure that the spot has more space than that. There needs to be a gap between the bed and walls, so you can freely walk around.

After the bed, you also have to measure the length of the wall you can use for the headboard. 

Build Quality

The bed frames king-size beds are expensive. They are not something that you can buy recklessly or after every few months. The thing has to last for years before you can get a new one. Therefore, the quality of the king-size bed frame that you get is the essential part of it. 

You have to make sure that the bed is made from quality material and the joints are properly attached. Any imperfection, loss of joint, or even rough can lead to damage. Further, you can also echo the material for protective coatings.

A good king size bed frame material is usually water-resistant and machined to smooth appeals. The manufacturers of such pieces will also provide a good warranty with them. 

Convenience features

The king-size bed sounds classic and, in a way, is classic, but that does not mean you won't find some interesting feature in it. There are bed frames king size that offer inbuilt storage. The bed can have drawers or sometimes a storage box like a box bed. Some design comes with leg board. 

You can consider these features. But, of course, it never hurt to get a bed that can store your linens, blankets, and pillows. Just think of the storage type that works best for you and go for it. 


The drawer-based storage space in the bed is convenient for people who like to store stuff on short terms. However, you can use it for everyday storage. For instance, to keep the night blanket or extra pillow that you use only at night.

Box storage is more like long-term storage. You have to lift the mattress to load or unload stuff. It's better for season clothes, suitcases, and other rarely used items. 

Material and Finishing

Usually, the bed frames king size bed comes in a wooden build. The material is strong and has a lot of choices. You can get it in dark wood, light wood, Maplewood, pinewood, and more. Each of these woods has a distinct pattern that makes them both unique and exciting.

And then there are the different finishings you can get with each of these wood. You can get them in polished, coated, laminated, painted, and many other looks. Each is perfect for a particular type of interior design. So, you have tons of options to choose from. 

The best part, if the wood finish is not your thing, you can also ask for a metallic frame. They are not that common, but you can get them. Even better, you can go for a hybrid king size bed frame. This one uses wood as the base material and metals as a reinforcing material. 

Again, each of these is available in a different finish, so take time to decide the one you should get.


 If you have a classic interior, go for a general wood-finished bed frame with a fabric layer. The fabrics are much easier to get and are available in a lot of colors. Thus you won't have any issue finding something that suits the interior design.