Daybed Frames

If you have a sparsely furnished room or empty space, a day bed is an ideal solution to fill up the space. In addition, a day bed frame can turn into a functional furniture piece that serves as an extra bed or couch. Selecting a cozy daybed cover and frame with pillows complements your home interior perfectly. It provides an elegant vibe to your room. If you want to transform your day bed frame into a stylish option, you must consider certain factors before purchasing. The factors include style, material, quality, and more. After reviewing these factors, you can buy the one that perfectly caters to your needs.

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Choice of the Materials

Usually, the daybed comes in metal, wood, or a combination of metal and wood. You can also get daybed frames in wicker, but these materials are not as common as metal or wood. The material you select for your frame has a lot to do with your preferences and requirements. For example, the daybed frames, made with metal, are used for sleeping. On the other hand, the daybed frames made with wood are mostly used for lounging and sitting as their look is similar to sofas.

Compared to the wooden daybed frames, the metal daybed frames are considered a more traditional style. On the other hand, the wooden daybed frames are often contemporary. However, you can also find bed frames in the combination of metal frames and wood bases. Many prefer a traditional style, while others go for a modern upholstered style. The final decision is based on your preference.


Always select a style that perfectly matches the existing decor of your room. The daybed frames are available in sleigh, victorian, and mission style. You can find as many options in traditional ones as contemporary styles.

The selections contain daybed frames with simple and small profiles, huge and elaborate ones, and intricate carving styles that complement a traditional and formal look. Along with style, there are plenty of color choices available. Dark, light or painted wood, and metal are choices to choose from. If you want non-traditional colors, you can select silver, brass, or chrome colors.


The Daybed frames come in a variety of price points and quality levels. You should always choose the best quality that you can afford easily. You might have to put together all the furniture by yourself. So, consider the look at the finish and quality of the material. The material can also provide you with hints about the quality. For example, a daybed frame made with iron is superior to other metals. The wood also varies in quality, and you will find the difference in the quality by their reflecting prices.

Trundle or Not

You can pick a daybed frame with a trundle to enhance the sleeping space. Either you can choose a drawer or pop-up trundle bed frames as per your preferences. Both of these types remain hidden underneath the bed until used. However, the drawer trundle bed, which is outfitted with a twin-sized mattress, does not rise while it's pulled out. At the same time, the height of the pop-up trundle can be raised to make a large bed. You can also select a trundle without a mattress if you only need just extra storage space.

Generally, twin mattresses are used with daybed frames, even though their roles differ from traditional beds. Wood slats and link springs of the daybed frame offer support to the mattresses.


You can choose a mattress that's soft and firm enough for your requirements. However, if your daybed frame is in heavy use, then always purchase a premium quality mattress that you can afford.