Bed Frames With Storage

Whether it is a small or big bedroom, having storage space in it is a must. Bed frames with storage can be the practical and best solution to add storage space to the bedroom. Purchasing the best bed frames with storage provides you with a way to collect all those unwanted items, which generally makes your room tidy. Furthermore, these bed frames offer a serene and comfortable sleeping space. There is a wide variety of bed frames with storage to choose from. But choosing the best one is a little tricky.

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Consider Space

Be sure to measure the area of your room correctly to match the bed size that would work well for your bedroom. Then, consider the other things and furniture that you need in your room. Additionally, it is also essential to consider the amount of space required to move around in the room without any hassle.

Pick The Right Bed Frames With Storage

There are numerous styles of bed frames with storage. It would help if you spared some time to channelize and decide what suits best for your needs. From selecting the size and the material, you should also include the design or style to accommodate your storage needs. Here are some of the best bed frame designs you can find on the market today:

Bed Frames With Storage Shelves: Most bed frames with storage come with an integrated headboard. Headboard frames with shelves complement the shelves under the bed frame. If you are a book lover and have the habit of reading before you sleep, having shelves on the side of your bed frame would be a great idea. Simply get and store books all you want. You can also use decorative storage bins that would match the height of shelves. This way, you can keep accessories and get rid of your clutter the easy way. These bed frames with storage shelves are sometimes combined with drawers on the foot or sides of the bed.

Bed Frame With Storage Drawers: You can choose the number of drawers you want for your bed frame. They may be available with two drawers on the sides, two drawers on the foot side, four drawers on the sides, or even a single drawer with compartments. In addition, different manufacturers offer unique designs. So you have various designs to choose.


Materials used for bed frames can be metal, solid wood, engineered wood, upholstered leather, velvet, or fabric. Be sure to check the quality of the material used.

Sizes Of Bed Frames With Storage

Each bedroom, mainly small bedrooms, requires more storage. Luckily, many options are available, from a Twin bed to a California king size bed frame with storage capacity. So let’s dive into detail:

Twin Bed Frames: Ideal for kids or toddlers upgrading from crib to actual bed. The twin size bed frame with storage is quite popular for kids’ bedrooms.

Twin XL Bed Frames: Single adults (mostly college students) or taller kids use Twin XL bed frames. Under-bed frame storage is an excellent choice for students to keep their school things in place after use.

Full Size Bed Frames: Like Twin and Twin XL bed frames, full size bed frames with storage are also suitable for single individuals while having enough space to move comfortably during sleep. Also, Twin, Twin XL, and Full size bed frames don’t need center support or the fifth leg.

Queen Size Bed Frames: A queen size bed can accommodate two individuals. Hence, a queen bed frame may need an additional support leg on the center or a fifth leg to support the extra weight. Imagine using a queen bed, and the frame has ample storage underneath; you can store extra pillows, comforters, and other beddings. Grab them when you feel like you need them during the night.

King Size Bed Frames: Just like queen size bed frames, choosing a King size bed frame with storage for a couple’s master bedroom is a good choice for a bigger room. Consider the 70 inches by 80 inches standard footprint, and be sure you still have enough clearance to move around the room. Keep your bedroom brighter and neat with the help of storage space under a king size bed. 

California King Bed Frames: This most oversized bed frame for the California King mattress is a good choice for taller individuals. As the queen and king sizes, this bed frame may also need extra leg support in the center of the frame. Get California king bed frames if you have a bigger room, and that is what the body sizes need. You’ll get excited about how much stuff you can store with the California king storage bed frame.


Slatted platform bed frames with storage are wiser if you don’t use a box spring foundation. Most modern bed frames are available in slatted platform designs.