Vanity Mirrors

Mirrors are one of those things that are present in every single home yet never recognized as an essential design item. Most people are so busy looking at their reflection that they never pay attention to the very thing that's creating it. And of those who pay attention to mirrors, the majority think of it just as a functional element. However, the bathroom vanity mirrors are a lot more than just a part of the dressing section. It's a masterpiece that affects appearance, ambiance, and the whole vibes of the place. A guide below these products will tell you what you need to consider to get the most out of your vanity mirrors.

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Size and Proportion

The vanity mirror is like a focal point of the section. So this needs to have a very well-balanced size and proportion. If it's too short on one side or disproportionate, the mirror will affect the balance of the whole place.

Thus, it would help if you had a mirror that matches your vanity. The following are the three ways to create a pair of vanity and mirror. 

Same Size: It's the simplest way to pair a mirror with a bathroom vanity and not need much thinking. You find a mirror that has the same width as the vanity. Then you match their edges, and it's good to go.

Smaller Size: A tiny mirror over a large vanity will never look good, but a slightly trimmed one can. So, for a more illustrative and exciting look, you can get a mirror that's 70-80 percent of your vanity size. It creates a dramatized effect that looks awesome.  

Oversized: Placing an oversized mirror is not as easy as the other two mirror types, but it's possible. You can try a mirror that extends from one wall to another, covering the vanity in between. If the vanity is towards the side, you can start the end with vanity and end it on the edges of another similar fitting. 


The size and proportion of your mirror is a personal and financial decision. However, you can always include the lighting into consideration while making a decision. For example, if the place is small or low lite, a large mirror will be an ambiance enhancer. It will light up the area and make it look larger. The vice versa holds small vanity mirrors you get.  

Single Or Double

Traditionally, most bathroom vanities have single mirrors. It helped to maintain balance and looked symmetrically good. However, if you want, you can step ahead of the trend and place a pair of vanity mirrors for the bathroom. 

It will need a little bit of skill and an eye for detail. But if you can crack the trend, It will add uniqueness and style to the place. All you have to do is to find two mirrors that look the same. 

These mirrors need to have the same shape, size, and design. Then you place them together with a fine line in the middle. This fine line has to align with the middle of the vanity counter. This division needs to be precise, as the mirror needs to be perfectly symmetrical. 


If you don't have windows interrupting the placement of mirrors, hang them using ropes. Then add some hanging light around them, and you will have a masterpiece design. 

Framed Or Frameless

There is hardly anyone who's not familiar with types of mirrors-the framed mirrors and the frameless mirrors. The first one comes with a slight bordering that defines it, while the lateral doesn't have a border. 

The framed mirrors are classics and will go with any semi-modern or classic style vanity. It's timeless and provides a rustic touch to the place. Of course, you can further enhance its appearance with bold designs. 

The frameless bathroom vanity mirrors have a more modern vibe. They fit with modular interiors. 


You can create a small inset in the bathroom tiling and use it to place a frameless mirror. It gives a clean and sleek look. The tiles also act as a border, diverting attention from the surroundings to the mirror. 

Mirror Shape

Whether you buy cheap vanity mirrors or high-end mirrors, they are usually rectangular in shape. The four-cornered mirrors have been in trend and are still popular. However, you do have the option of a circular, oval, and custom-shaped mirror.

If you have a pedestal sink, it will go better with an oval or circular mirror than a rectangular model. That's because it has negative space on the edges, the same as the sink. 

The mirrors are tricky to place and may need a professional eye, but they look elegant.